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Email to SMS

The Email2SMS API allows you to send SMS by email. Send an email to the sms77 gateway, which will automatically convert this into an SMS. Numerous parameters are available to control the transmission and send messages to single contacts or groups.

Example for Email to SMS

By direct integration into the Postfix mail server the incoming emails are processed immediately and sent without time delay as SMS.

Learn more about our Email-to-SMS-Gateway.


In contrast to the HTTP API, the data is usually transmitted unencrypted here. Furthermore, the sender of an email is relatively easy to fake. You can restrict the access using the freely definable Email2SMS key. For safety-critical applications, we recommend the HTTP API.

S/MIME Encryption

To send your mails encrypted, please download our certificate and install it in your system. Since S/MIME certificates can only be bound to a single mail address, please send your mails to mail@gateway.sms77.io. You must then specify the recipients of your SMS in the subject via the parameter, such as to=441234567890.


For reasons of backward compatibility, the gateway with the old recipient address email2sms@sms77.de still remains. The emails will continue to be processed as usual. However, we recommend switching to our new API to take full advantage of all functionality.