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In your login under Account > Developer >Mail to SMS you can configure the gateway for your individual needs. Here, you can specify any number of sender addresses, each with a different key.

Set up new sender address

The green plus in the bottom right corner of the Mail to SMS section will take you to the window where you can create a new sender address.

You should choose a key for each mail address, because it makes the dispatch more secure. You can choose the key freely, but only lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and the special characters hyphen, underscore and dollar sign are allowed.

You can also specify an optional mail address for receiving error messages here. If you do not specify it, you will receive the error messages to the sender address if you enable the “Notify on errors” feature in the settings (see below).

Newly set up senders can be used immediately after saving.


Clicking on the blue cogs will take you to the setting options for Email to SMS.
You have the following setting options here:

Settings Mail2SMS

Maximum SMS length

Set a maximum number of characters to avoid overlong SMS by accidentally sending signatures. Enter 0 to disable the function.

Remove quotes

Put text passages in quotation marks to NOT have them sent along when sending SMS.

Notify on error

This option determines whether you want to receive a notification by mail in case of any errors. If the SMS dispatch fails or data such as number, key, etc in your email were wrong or are missing, we send you an email with information to the error. When creating a new sender address, you can optionally specify an alternative mail address to which you would like to receive the error messages.

Insert Email Sender into SMS

Here you can set whether you want to include a part of the mail address at the beginning of your SMS.
You can choose between three options:

Full address – inserts the whole address, e.g. “einuser@domain.de”.
Local part of the address – e.g. “username” is inserted when sending from username@domain.de
No – does not send any part of the address