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General information

The SMS2SMS Api allows you to send SMS via sms77 directly from your cell phone. To do this, send an SMS to one of our shared inbound numbers. This way you can send SMS via our gateway even when you are on the road without an internet connection. Sending is possible to a number as well as to a contact or a group from your address book. This means that you can send a bulk SMS directly to numerous contacts via a single SMS on your cell phone – the gateway automatically takes care of the processing in the background.


Access to the SMS2SMS API is disabled by default for security reasons – you can enable it in the SMS2SMS settings. Additionally, you can set a password for sending SMS2SMS in those settings.

Sender number and sender name

The cell phone number from which the triggering SMS is sent must be stored as a sender ID in the caller ID settings so that we can assign your SMS to your account. However, you do not have to use the number as a sender ID. Instead, you can also use an alphanumeric sender name that will be displayed to the recipients of your SMS.

In SMS to SMS we will use the default sender name set for your account. You can define and edit it in the login under Account > Settings > SMS.

The numbers you have to send your message to in order to use the SMS2SMS gateway are our shared inbound numbers.

Format of the SMS

In order to send an SMS that will then be forwarded to multiple recipients, you must send the message in the correct format.

Send the recipient number at the beginning of the SMS, followed by a space and then the SMS text that you want to send. You can also use entries from your contacts as recipients. These must be preceded by a . (dot) in front of them. Group names are also possible here.

Please note that spaces in the group names can cause problems when sending. If your group name contains a space, you should adjust this before sending.


016012345670 Hello this is a test SMS!
Sends an SMS to 016012345670 with the text Hello this is a test SMS!.

.Tom Hello this is a test SMS to an address book entry!
Sends an SMS to the contact Tom with the text Hello this is a test SMS to an address book entry!

Example with password:

016012345670 password  Hello this is a test SMS!
.tom password Hello this is a test SMS to an address book entry!


Do you have any questions about using the SMS to SMS feature? Please contact our support for help.