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Inbound SMS

In addition to sending SMS, our HTTP Api also allows you to receive SMS via Inbound.

In order to do so, you can register an own, dedicated number. This can be done in your login under Account > Settings > Inbound SMS > Order keyword or phone number. You can pick a number from our pool of available numbers.

Alternatively, you can use our Shared Inbound System. The best way to use this is to register a keyword in your account in the Inbound settings. This keyword must be sent in the SMS at the beginning of the text so we can forward the number to your account. The general numbers of the Shared Inbound System can be found here.

If you set it up, your incoming SMS will be forwarded by email, HTTP callback or SMS (and in any combination). In addition, your received SMS are displayed in the journal and can be downloaded, e.g. as CSV file. Details for forwarding via email and SMS can be configured in the Inbound settings:

Forwarding via HTTP callback (webhooks) can be configured in the webhooks settings that you can find under the menu item Developer.

For more detailed information on how to set up forwarding of incoming SMS, please visit our helpdesk.

Example Shared Inbound System

Send an SMS with the following text to one of the Shared Inbound numbers:
MyKeyword Hello this is an SMS.

Here, MyKeyword is your registered keyword.

HTTP Callback

As soon as we receive an SMS for you, we will send you – if configured – an HTTP GET Request to your URI.

This transfers the following parameters:

Parameter Description
sender Sender of the SMS
time Date and Time
text Content of the SMS including keyword
system Inbound number, via which the SMS was reveived

If we could not reach your Callback URL (Timeout or HTTP Code 500), we will try again up to 6 times every hour. More information about our Inbound System can be found here: https://staging.seven.io/en/products/inbound-sms.