SIM Hosting

Use your own number to receive SMS. Host your SIM card in our reliable GSM infrastructure

How does SIM hosting work?

You provide a SIM card (we recommend a contract SIM) and we install it securely on our SIM hosting hardware upon receipt. Our hardware has built-in multiple redundancy. Received text messages are forwarded to you automatically and immediately.

We recommend using SIM hosting only for low-volume, non-critical or non-time-critical services. For high throughput, please use an inbound number that you order via our system.

Use your own phone number(s) and SIM card(s) to receive SMS directly via our gateway. Manage your phone number(s) easily and comfortably in our webapp.

Settings in the webapp for Inbound SMS
  • You provide us with your SIM card by mail

  • Your SIM card will be integrated into our system immediately after receipt

  • Configure Webhook, Email forwarding etc. in your login

  • Receive all incoming SMS via API straight into your system

Your SIM card

The SIM card has to be provided to us. It will be kept in an extra secure room for our own developed GSM technology.

We recommend a contract SIM card. Prepaid SIMs can be used, but full international roaming is required and you must ensure that all operator conditions are met to ensure that the SIM card remains active.

After cancellation you will get your SIM card sent back via mail

Send SMS

You can send SMS to most countries by using the SIM card number as sender identification. This number is displayed when the message arrives on a mobile phone, allowing replies to be sent. The SIM itself is not used to send SMS, so you can send SMS through any of our interfaces (including HTTP API, SMPP, Email-to-SMS). Our usual prices via SMS will apply


Hardware-based SIM hosting depends on three things: IP connectivity, power and local mobile signal. Although we cannot control the latter, we have both backup IP connectivity and power.

We thus offer a level of service that is as reliable as possible using traditional means

Phone calls

Calls are currently not directly supported by our gateway. You can forward calls to your SIM card directly via your network operator or let the mailbox answer.

The call forwarding setup should be configured before you send your SIM card to us. All costs incurred in this process are between you and your network operator


You would like to host several simcards with us? Please contact us for individual quantity discounts. We would be happy to support you with special projects and special requirements.

Basic fee:

monthly from 19,90€

Setup costs:

Setup from 9,90€

Price per SMS received:

per SMS 0,00€