Number validation

Validate numbers, check porting status and Caller ID Name, and more.

We offer several variants of the lookup to request different information. All are designed to improve routing and check the status of numbers. Regular number validation prevents unnecessary dispatch of SMS to obsolete numbers or via inefficient routes. 

HLR Lookup

With our HLR lookup you can validate your contact list and check other relevant data as well, such as network operator or roaming status, and more.

  • Extensive Data

    Get all relevant data for a successful SMS campaign with one lookup.

  • Validation

    Make sure all the numbers you use are valid.

MNP Lookup

Our MNP lookup allows to check the porting status of any mobile number, and thus helps streamlining your routing.

  • Inexpensive alternative

    At about half the price, MNP lookup is the cost-efficient alternative to a full-on HLR lookup.

  • Perfect routing

    By checking the porting status of your contacts, it is easier to streamline routing and enhance efficiency.

CNAM Lookup

CNAM lookup checks the Caller ID Name for any number. Extend your contact lists with the name of the user (if available).

  • Reliable data

    Multiple data sources increase the usability of lookup results.

  • Additional info

    Enhance your contact lists with the caller ID names and additional information.

Format Lookup

The free format lookup shows the formatting for each number. This helps, for example, with the localization of numbers.

  • Free lookup

    Unify the format of your contact lists.

  • Locate your recipients

    By finding out where your recipients’ numbers are registered, you can increase the efficiency of your SMS campaign.

Blog articles on number validation

Here you will find articles in our blog about number validation and our lookups.