Receive SMS via Inbound SMS System

Simple solutions for receiving SMS via our Inbound SMS System

How it works

After configuration, you will receive all incoming SMS to your phone number in your account. You can specify how you want to receive the SMS. Whether as an email, only in the account, forwarded as an SMS or via a direct connection to your server via the API – you decide what you need.

Inbound SMS

Via our dedicated Inbound SMS system, you have the possibility to integrate a return channel for your customers. For this purpose, you can get your own unique number from seven. We offer phone numbers from various countries, which you can easily order in our web app.

The advantages of your own number

  • It belongs to you only

    Receive all SMS in your dedicated account.

  • No predefined syntax

    The content of the SMS is freely definable.

  • Ready to go immediately

    Your phone number is registered immediately and can be used to receive text messages straight away.

  • Worldwide telephone numbers

    We offer you telephone numbers from numerous countries around the world. Offer your customers a direct number from their home country.

  • Call forwarding available

    Have incoming calls forwarded to your preferred number.

  • Receive all SMS

    Select a phone number that can receive A2P SMS in order to also reliably receive SMS from alphanumeric senders.

  • Scalable

    The throughput is almost unlimited due to the direct connection.

  • Fail-safe

    Thanks to direct connection by the network operators, your telephone number is particularly fail-safe.

The perfect solution for your Inbound SMS

Create additional value through the return channel and expand your application. Whether in direct customer communication or as an automated solution for your hardware.

Automation of devices

Also allow devices without Internet access to communicate with your system automatically. For example, an automatic beverage dispenser might send an SMS as soon as the supply is exhausted.

Chat with customers

Offer support via SMS. You can easily communicate with your customers via your own return channel.


Offer sweepstakes, surveys or votings by SMS. For this your users only need to send an SMS to your number. Inbound SMS also provide a comfortable return channel for feedback to your bulk SMS.

Safe Opt In

For your newsletters or other channels, you can offer your customers an option to opt in on your messages. Your customers can log in and log out via SMS.

International availability of phone numbers

Do you need a phone number from one specific country?
We provide numerous international numbers, for example from Germany, Switzerland, the US, Great Britain, Poland and many other countries.
Simply contact us and tell us which country you need a number for.


Have incoming SMS forwarded to any email address easily and quickly.


Receive incoming SMS comfortably in your login. Download the data as CSV file.


Have incoming SMS forwarded directly to your cell phone.


Incoming SMS can be forwarded automatically direct to your server or software via API.