Send automated calls and let a text be read to the receiver

Create advanced voice applications using our Markup Language.

Phone calls reinvented

The innovative telephone solutions from seven allow for almost endless design possibilities for managing incoming and outgoing calls. Start fully automated conferences, send customers a call with a PIN code, record spoken notifications, create an phone menu to dial via DTMF – your creativity knows no limits.

Numerous languages

The Voice API is multi-lingual und supports many languages and dialects for playback.

    • Danish, Denmark
    • German, Germany
    • English, Australia
    • English, Canada
    • English, UK
    • English, India
    • English, United States
    • Catalan, Spain
    • Spanish, Spain
    • Spanish, Mexico
    • Finnish, Finland
    • French, Canada
    • French, France
    • Italian, Italy
    • Japanese, Japan
    • Korean, Korea
    • Norwegian, Norway
    • Dutch, Netherlands
    • Polnish, Poland
    • Portuguese, Portugal
    • Russian, Russia
    • Swedish, Sweden
    • Chinese (Mandarin)
    • Chinese (Cantonese)
    • Chinese (Taiwan Mandarin)


Let your customers call from us via your own phone number. A simple text can be read to the called one or a comprehensive, interactive call designed through our Markup Language, for example with breaks, queries, recordings etc.