HLR Lookup

Validate your number inventory. Check numbers for existence and current status.

HLR stands for Home Location Register and as a database of mobile phone numbers offers detailed information for every number worldwide. Validate your number inventory for invalid numbers or check their existence in advance, e.g. when entering a mobile phone number. Depending on the network, you will receive additional information on the current roaming network, whether a number is active and much more.

In your seven Webapp login, you can validate contact lists as a whole without having to select each individual number.

  • Realtime updates

    The HLR lookup queries real-time data. Find out immediately whether a number is currently available.

  • Extensive data

    In addition to MNC (Mobile Network Code) and MCC (Mobile Country Code), i.e. the target network, you will receive information on roaming, correctness and much more.

  • API connection

    Integrate our HLR Api directly into your system for fully automated phone number verification

HLR Lookup via API

As an example, the following is what an HLR lookup would look for the number +49 163 2429751:



   "international_formatted": "+49 163 2429751",
   "national_format_number":"0163 2429751",
      "name":"E-Plus Mobilfunk",
      "name":"E-Plus Mobilfunk",