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Use our SMS gateway with groundbreaking technology for your application. Realize your project with our powerful messaging APIs.

    Integrate our APIs with your existing systems

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    Integrate the SMS sending completely into your system via our API.


    Use our extensive Webapp for your masses SMS.

    Email to SMS

    Send SMS via the simple sending of an email.

    2-Way SMS

    Use the free return channel for feedback.

    Industry solutions

    We support numerous industries from a wide range of sectors in optimizing communication.

    Jede KFZ-Werkstatt kann SMS an Kunden versenden

    Car workshops

    Clubs und Vereine profitieren vom SMS-Versand



    Areas of application

    Our innovative messaging services are already used for various application areas.

    Public WiFi Code

    Bulk SMS

    Two-factor authentication

    SMS. The most popular and widespread way to communicate.

    average read rate of SMS
    people worldwide can receive SMS
    duration until SMS is read
    accessible networks via sms77

    SMS Gateway

    Our scalable SMS Gateway is easy and fast to integrate in any application.

    Phone numbers

    Get your own virtual phone number for customers feedback and engagement.

    SMS receiving

    Receive SMS via our dedicated SMS Inbound System directly into your application.

    Voice API

    Automate calls and let Text2Speech read your message.


    Clean up your numbering lists with our HLR databases in real time.


    Easily expand your website with our powerful modules.

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    seven is your professional partner for communication and messaging.

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    We already offer you numerous solutions for all aspects of communication. You have special wishes? Talk to us.

    Extensive API

    Implement our SMS Gateway directly into your system with our powerful SMS API.

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    Fair prices – you do not pay more than what you actually consume.

    Fast & Reliably

    We send via high quality routes, so your SMS can arrive quickly and reliably.