Fully automated live monitoring

Alerting needs to be reliable. Not only in case of a fire, but even in the case of fluctuations in the system or in the need of maintenance, our API applications react at the same moment and report the warning to the responsible employees. Compared to the telephone chain, to emails, even to pagers, SMS is a much more effective communication tool. The transmission of the information is fully automated and directly to the addressee, who can receive the message anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the alerting can be perfectly organized with all common mobile devices (including those without internet access).

Elevate your business communication with effective messaging products
  • Server monitoring

    in the area of ​​IT for status reports, error messages, reminders of updates, warning of viruses / trojans, …

  • Fill levels of machines

    for ATMs, printers, stocks, feed and many more

  • Organization & coordination of rescue workers

    Deployments of fire brigades, relief organizations, on-call services

  • System monitoring

    of account activities, unauthorized access, stock quotes, intrusion attempts

  • Warnings

    as bulk SMS or via SMS2App e.g. of storms, traffic restrictions, pollen, avalanches

Control, security & transparency

By extending your applications to include our SMS gateway, you can benefit from comprehensive messaging solutions. You can monitor processes in the log file, get informed by callback, and analyze status reports or interpret them statistically. Our HTTP API integrates numerous modules with which you can successfully implement your projects. Of course with the highest security standards, which protect your data with encryption, IP locks, blacklists and other features.

Flexible interfaces

In addition to the availability of your employees and clients, a professional command base is just as crucial. In order to optimally configure the alerting and to integrate all the components reliably, we have created helpful documentations according to our interfaces, which provide you with explanations for the individual parameters. These can be defined directly as an argument when calling or set in a config file.

In terms of content there is no syntax given to you – you can customize or pre-program the message individually. Our seven-cli tool supports you to interact with your application. Without having to dispense with your usual settings, you can send SMS directly via the command line. Manual or automatic. In addition, you have options for debugging and you can test the alarm and error level. Thanks to the direct connection the alarm will be sent immediately.

Link your software to our gateway

Seamless integration

All features of seven are available via API. There are no limits to your ideas.


We are open to your ideas and like to implement special requirements uncomplicated and fast.


There are no limits to your application – our API is high-performance and scaled with your application.

Chicken coop 2.0

Some of our customers use the SMS alerting for their mobile chicken coop. Beacause the stables often change their location in order to make optimal use of meadows, there are no fixed cable connections or similar installations. Instead, interactive monitoring is used for climate control, feed and water supply. If the temperature falls or containers have to be filled, the system will be alerting you by sending an SMS.

As an intelligent solution our SMS alerting supports in this connection the species-appropriate animal husbandry. By fully automatic monitoring of the processes, the poultry stables can be managed more effectively and there is more time for the actual care and breeding of the chickens.