TYPO3 is a very popular content management system, especially in Germany. It was first published in 1998 and the free software is used by companies of all sizes for numerous use cases. From blogs to online stores to multimedia applications – there is hardly a project that could not be realized with the flexible software. The CMS owes its flexibility not least to its extensions. By installing those, users can add several functions that meet their needs.

Thanks to the active community, the open source software is constantly being developed and improved. Interested parties can find information not only on the website or in numerous forums, but can also learn more at one of the regularly held events and conferences.

Send SMS to customers with the SMS Extension for Typo3

Our SMS Extension for TYPO3

If you chose TYPO3 as your CMS, you value strong performance, flexibility and security. Your SMS gateway provider should meet the same requirements. We offer flexible services that you can extend according to your needs as well as a secure high performance gateway. With our SMS Extension for TYPO3 you can integrate our products from TYPO3 version 10.

Choose the seven extension to send SMS and Text2Speech messages directly from TYPO3. Our number validation is also available to you through the extension. This feature will make it a lot easier for you to maintain your customer data and it helps you save money by detecting and sorting out invalid numbers in advance.

SMS dispatch

  • Use SMS dispatch from TYPO3 to send notifications or send hundreds of SMS in your mobile marketing campaign.


  • Send Text2Speech, or Voice messages to provide a special service to your recipients. The message is delivered to recipients as a call and the text is automatically read aloud.

Number validation

  • With our lookup products you can query important information about mobile phone numbers. Among other things, this can help you keep your contacts up to date and weed out invalid numbers.
Senden Sie SMS mit unserer SMS Extension Typo3

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