It is not easy to summarize in one sentence what Bitrix24 can do. The company describes its own software as a 360° collaboration solution that combines many functions. It offers a customer relations management system (CRM), as well as a project management tool, a social intranet solution, a contact center for customer support and more – all cloud-based. However, an on-premise solution is also possible. To tailor the software to their own needs, customers can choose from different pricing plans that offer different functionalities. Various apps extend the platform’s functions even further, allowing you to customize it according to your needs. For example, with our Bitrix24 SMS app you can send and receive SMS.

Bitrix24 sends sms with sms77 integration

Our Bitrix24 SMS app

Extend your CRM with a powerful SMS solution by adding our Bitrix24 SMS app. If you have an account with seven, you can send SMS to your customers after integrating the plugin. Furthermore, if you have booked an inbound number with us, you can also receive replies. To do this, you do not have to leave your CRM. Instead, you can use these functions directly from the user interface and add the messages to your workflows.

Whether you’d like to send marketing SMS or notifications – by sending SMS you expand your communication portfolio with a reliable and appreciated component. The fast open and read rates will show you how valuable the small text messages really are.

Send SMS

  • Send marketing SMS or notifications and benefit from the exclusive character of SMS. The app allows you to do so from your CRM and without any detours.

Inbound SMS

  • The future is conversational! Offer your customers the opportunity to reply to your messages. This way you will receive valuable information and provide a special service that they will remember.
SMS mit sms77 im Bitrix24-CRM

Settings for sending SMS in Bitrix, click to enlarge

Would you like to try sending messages from Bitrix24?
You can find our app in the Bitrix24 market here.