IFTTT stands for If this then that and is one of the most popular No Code Automation platforms in the world. More precisely, IFTTT enables the linking of different services according to the principle “If x happens, do y”, which is also where the name comes from. By individually linking more than 700 services to each other, millions of different processes can be set up to serve a wide variety of purposes.

Our service is also available on the platform. That means you can not only realize the sending of SMS with IFTTT, but also send voice messages and benefit from our supplementary messaging products. Try it for yourself today.

Send SMS with IFTTT, for example, to get notified about an activity that a Nest Cam has recorded

Send SMS with IFTTT now

Take your communication to the next level with seven and IFTTT. Our integration allows you to send not only text-to-speech messages, but also SMS with IFTTT.

Text-to-speech messages can be used, for example, when your message needs to attract extra attention or when your recipients are not able to read SMS. With SMS, on the other hand, you can easily and effectively reach any cell phone – without much effort. Of course, you can also use the associated functions such as Flash SMS, labels and time-delayed sending.

Try it now: Create your first applet with seven and IFTTT.

Send SMS when motion is detected

  • With our applet you can automatically send an SMS when a motion detector detects movement. Useful for monitoring important rooms.

Many other possibilities

  • Use our pre-built applets or develop your own workflow. Are you already sending SMS with IFTTT? We look forward to hearing about your use case.

Send SMS on click of button

  • Set a button that triggers SMS sending when clicked. Applicable for numerous scenarios– time to get creative!

Are you looking for details? Visit our page on IFTTT to learn more.