Public WiFi Code

Access code for public WiFi via SMS

In coffee shops, bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies up to offices and libraries are in many places public WiFi networks available. So that the spots are not usable for everyone, but only for e.g. in-house guests, passwords and security locks are used. However, if you as a courteous host don’t want to go to each individual with a card where the access data is noted, we recommend our SMS Service for Public WiFi Codes.

Reliable & Fast

We send via the best routings with high reliability. We make sure your SMS are delivered.


Our prices are fair and transparent. You only pay for what you use.

Easy integration

Thanks to our SMS API, the SMS transmission can be integrated into almost any application in a short time.

Safety first

Public and free WiFi offers are not only attractive for regular customers, but also for some very untrustworthy users. As a result, the German legislation on data protection and liability has become much sharper in the past years. In the end, possibly the owner of the spot is liable, not the customer himself. On the other hand, there is a growing demand for free internet on the way.

Above all, heavily frequented areas often come into a pinch mill here. In order to provide you and also your customers with optimal security, as well as access to modern and innovative technologies, we have configured our products for the SMS transmission as best as possible.

Quick and easy registration

As soon as the user is within range of the WiFi, the network is displayed to his mobile phone. Via the WLAN function it logs on and will be connected to a corresponding pre-programmed page for registration. A password is automatically sent to the user via SMS, which, together with his personal phone number, forms the access data. In principle, an optimal two-factor authentication. This is done within seconds, without delay.

You yourself as hosts do not have to intervene, nor distribute further cards. Instead, you are on the safe side and can comfortably go on your actual business while your customers are surfing undisturbed.

Registration via public Wifi code

Scalable API applications

Our modules are designed to meet your requirements flexibly and at any time. Via our SMS gateway, you can directly integrate your own software and retain your usual settings. Various interfaces are available as well as high quality tools. Using seven-cli, for example, you can send SMS via the command line, or use our Inbound system to set up a return channel. For this we can set up virtual and physical phone numbers.

In parallel, you have not only the possibility to automate public WiFi codes, but of course you can also use all our applications. This includes the address book, delivery reports, log files, statistical evaluations and much more. You have the full cost control and our competent support at your side.