Two-factor authentication

Click and Identify – Authentication via SMS

In times of digital and interactive communication, you’re never quite sure who’s actually on the other end of the line. Is it a person, a machine, an attacker?

To help you rule out misuse of mobile information by third parties, we offer you a high-quality SMS procedure for two-factor authentication (2FA). In two-factor authentication, proof of identity is provided by combining two different factors. These are transmitted independently of each other and then verified.

2FA is a form of multi-factor authentication that can also include more than two factors. To increase security, a combination of the factors knowledge, possession, and inherence is usually requested; other factors are rarely used. For two-factor authentication, the knowledge and possession factors are the most common. In this case, using a password and confirmation code sent via SMS is very popular.

Using two factor authentication with SMS

Verification of identity in mobile business

In Germany, there are a number of legal requirements that, for example, demand disclosure of the account holder and account number, especially in the business sector. However, this alone does not clearly establish a person’s identity, especially when it comes to transactions conducted online or on mobile. Thus, two-factor authentication closes a significant gap in data security.

Such proofs of identity are important

  • for the electronic transmission of documents in the fintech sector
  • for banks, financial institutions or financial service providers with TAN procedures for cashless transfers
  • to register in the account area using a PIN code, e.g. in eCommerce stores
  • for web, mobile and other applications
  • to confirm newsletters via link
  • for securing digital conference rooms to which only selected employees and partners should have access
  • for resetting a password through security queries

Not only is the authenticity of the person checked, but also the currency of their details. This is because time limits are often set within which the identity must be confirmed. Otherwise, the certificate loses its validity and the authentication must be applied for again.

In such cases, it is often practical to set up a direct return channel via two-way messaging using our SMS gateway.

Two components
– one goal: Authentication

Two factors are usually sufficient for authentication. They can be transmitted manually or automatically and can take a wide variety of forms. The only important thing is that they are submitted independently of each other. Many factors are perfect for our SMS dispatch, others are not:

  • Two-Way-Massaging (SMS2Mail, Mail2SMS, App)

  • Passwords, identification numbers

  • PIN, TAN numbers, codes

  • Security questions (e.g., pet name)

  • Barcode scanning

  • Keys, cards with implemented chips

  • Identity card

  • Fingerprint

  • Voice or speech pattern recognition

  • Eye scan (iris recognition)

Looking to send or receive one factor of the authentification via SMS? We offer a professional SMS procedure for your mobile communication and authentication. The information is sent immediately and reaches your users everywhere – worldwide.

Our SMS service offers optimal conditions for your safety
and for making the most of the availability of your customers.

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