Marketing success with SMS

Everyone knows is, everyone uses it: The SMS. And more than ever, it proves great potential for companies to reach their customers in an uncomplicated and targeted manner. Worldwide. Intuitively simple. At the same time, this type of communication offers the opportunity to receive direct feedback and even participate in the product interactively, for example by voting. The research project Ipsos MORI recently found in a study that more than 95 percent of respondents would respond to an SMS survey. The State of Marketing study also rated the contribution of SMS to online marketing as forward-looking. Best forecasts for use in the eCommerce business.

Thanks to our SMS service, you can significantly enhance your marketing strategy, for example by:

  • Send links to current contributions
  • Promote subscriptions to email newsletters
  • Welcome new customers personally
  • Share information about again available products
  • Send invitations to events or special promotions
  • Ask for feedback and ratings

Your advantages

In each message you can briefly and effectively bundle information for the customer. So you can develop an adaptable customer journey at any time and keep track of everything thanks to our modules for cost control and statistical evaluations. At the same time, you can integrate your own software and access our service via SMS gateway. We have set up various interfaces, intuitive features and competent support to assist you with any questions that may arise.

In contrast, the receivers require neither special devices nor active Internet access. And the number of mobile subscribers is growing steadily. By now, SMS can reach almost anyone, around the clock (even with a time delay), worldwide (via Voice even in different languages) and without much effort – ideal for supporting your eCommerce business. Customizable, as bulk SMS, group message – around 97 percent are read within the first three minutes of receipt.

Encrypted messages with high data security

99.5 % availability thanks to stable throughput rates

Evaluations with journal & detailed statistics

Full cost control & intuitive management of contacts

There's a lot of useful ways to use SMS in eCommerce

For eCommerce, the integration of mobile marketing is indispensable. In the form of SMS in conjunction with specific API applications, a dynamic strategy can be set up that can react flexibly to market changes and influences and is very cost-effective for you as a company. Our SMS service enriches your marketing campaign many times over, and we are happy to respond to your ideas and suggestions.

Transparent and fair – Prices to send SMS

Simply top up your credit balance and pay only the SMS you send. There will be no additional costs for you. All features like the API, Email2SMS etc. are available free of charge for each account.

*All prices are subject to value added tax at the statutory state. Prices for non-EU countries may vary. Please check our full price list by country. The prices are valid for a sent SMS with 160 characters. Messages with more than 160 characters are calculated according to the number of sent SMS, in which for each SMS message 8 characters less are available. An SMS with e.g. 310 characters would thus be calculated with the triple SMS price. For SMS with unicode characters, ie characters which are not included in the standard GSM alphabet (e.g. cyrillic, arabic, etc.), only 70 character per SMS are possible. The price is then for 70 characters. No transmission to special call numbers.