RapidAPI is known as a marketplace for APIs, which is short for application programming interfaces. The well-organized platform offers the possibility to centrally search and compare a large number of APIs and integrate them into applications. This means that you can easily find the right API for your needs and manage the various interfaces in an uncomplicated and clear manner. According to RapidAPI’s own information, ten thousand interfaces are available, making RapidAPI the largest platform of its kind.

API Economy

seven on RapidAPI

Of course you can also find our API on RapidAPI. This means that you can easily send SMS while managing your APIs all neatly in one place. If you decide to connect the seven API, you can use our services to the full extent, as you know them from our webapp. Of course, the prerequisite is that you have an active account with us and that your credit is sufficient. For receiving SMS, it also makes sense to book your own inbound number.

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