Microsoft Office products are among the best known products of the software giant – they are known all over the world. Users can purchase various Office packages, which can include different products depending on their needs. The particularly well-known products Word, PowerPoint and Outlook are included in almost all Office packages. However, many products can also be purchased individually.

With our plugins, or addins, you can integrate our services into various Office products and thus send SMS directly from the respective user interface.

For which Office products does provide addins?

Outlook is an e-mail software that is extended by a Personal Information Manager. In this manager appointments and contacts can be managed and tasks and notes can be edited. You can extend Outlook’s functions by using Add-Ins and under certain conditions you can also automate tasks.

Sending SMS in Outlook is especially practical when crucial information has to be passed on at short notice, which might be lost as an email.

With our SMS Plugin for Outlook you add a strong partner to your mail program.

Tested with Outlook 2013 and Outlook on the Web, other versions are likely to work, too.

PowerPoint is a software for creating and giving presentations and is part of Microsoft Office. Users can create everything from simple text slides to comprehensive, designed and interactive presentations. Those who do not want to design their own presentations can choose from many different templates. In addition, the integration of audio, video, various graphics and links is easy and fast.

If your desired function is not included, there are numerous addins with which PowerPoint can be expanded. With our SMS plugin you can even send SMS from PowerPoint.

Tested with PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint Online, other versions are likely to work, too.

Project is Microsoft’s in-house project management software and belongs to the Office products. It lets you create and monitor scheduled tasks. In addition to the standard version, there is also Microsoft Project Professional, in which even more comprehensive functions have been implemented. For example, you’re able to plan additional resources and a graphical report function is also integrated in this version.

Project can also be extended via add-ins, so sending SMS in Project can also be implemented with our plugin.

Developed for Project 2013 and Project Online, other versions are likely to work, too.

Microsoft Word is probably the best known of the numerous office products and an absolute favorite. The word processing program has been the market leader for a long time and could not be knocked off its throne, not even by free alternatives until now.

You can not only create texts with Word, but also edit them, format them, comment on them, have them checked by a spelling program, share them with others and use many other functions. If you need a little inspiration, you can also choose from many templates for various occasions.

With our plugin you can also send SMS directly from Word.

Tested with Word 2013 and Word Online, other versions are likely to work, too.

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