Send SMS quickly and reliably

In an industry like logistics, time, effectiveness and reliability are key criteria. Without a flexible and yet perfectly planned strategy, hardly any consignment would arrive in time exactly where it should go. By means of SMS communication, such tasks can be optimally supported, be it for marketing purposes or as a service for senders and recipients. The common goals connect your transport company with our SMS products, because only correctly delivered shipments satisfy our customers. Therefore, we also pay attention to high reliability, scalable applications and, of course, fair prices.

So you can advance anytime, anywhere and above all easily your business. Use our SMS service for:

  • Order confirmations
  • Collection and delivery notes
  • Termination of passenger transport
  • Organization of the drivers
  • Position requests
  • Information about your offer

Your advantages

We offer you various interfaces for easy integration. Thus, not only our varied modules and functions are at your disposal, but also your usual software. The integration with our SMS Gateway allows you full access to address data, delivery reports, journals and the complete account management including cost control and statistical evaluations. Our documentations support you with the configuration of standing orders via HTTP API up to the fully automated bulk SMS, triggered with our seven-cli tool. Here you will also find information on the required parameters and options to customize the message as needed. These can be Voice messages, SMS2Email or Email2SMS.

For the Two-Way-Messaging option, we will gladly set up your own inbound numbers for you, so that you can get feedback from your employees or customers. There is no predefined syntax – you yourself determine the content of the SMS. Thanks to the easy registration you can immediately start sending SMS.

Another important fact for companies in transport: Your recipients don’t need any additional specifications or high-end devices. Every simple mobile phone can receive SMS. We transmit in over 880 networks, with 99 % average read rate, most SMS are read in less than 5 minutes. Do you have suggestions, ideas or would you like advice? Our support team is happy to help.

From A to B in just a few steps and even fewer seconds

In the modern transport sector, intuitive communication comes first. This applies to couriers, freight forwarders and suppliers as well as taxi companies and travel services, from regional providers to international logistics moguls. The high availability worldwide makes SMS an indispensable tool when it comes to the direct transmission of information. Similar to shipment tracking you have full transparency for each SMS thanks to status report as well as for server activity.

Transparent and fair – Prices to send SMS

Simply top up your credit balance and pay only the SMS you send. There will be no additional costs for you. All features like the API, Email2SMS etc. are available free of charge for each account.

*All prices are subject to value added tax at the statutory state. Prices for non-EU countries may vary. Please check our full price list by country. The prices are valid for a sent SMS with 160 characters. Messages with more than 160 characters are calculated according to the number of sent SMS, in which for each SMS message 8 characters less are available. An SMS with e.g. 310 characters would thus be calculated with the triple SMS price. For SMS with unicode characters, ie characters which are not included in the standard GSM alphabet (e.g. cyrillic, arabic, etc.), only 70 character per SMS are possible. The price is then for 70 characters. No transmission to special call numbers.