Nagios is a free monitoring software for IT infrastructures. First released in 1999, the software is considered one of the most widely used open source monitoring software in the world. The popularity of the tool is certainly not least due to the possibility of extending the functions with numerous plugins. The large community is another plus – no matter what question you have, it is likely that it has been asked before. In addition to monitoring IT infrastructures, other instances can also be monitored, such as web applications and databases.

Integrieren Sie sms77 in Nagios, um Alarme via SMS zu empfangen

Sending SMS with Nagios Core and seven

When you use Nagios, you usually want to structure a complex system. To let you know immediately if a component in this system is malfunctioning or not working at all, you can have alerts sent to you via SMS.
Our service can be integrated into the program easily, so you will never miss an alarm in the future! Through the alert via SMS you are always up to date and can intervene when things get dicey. 

Send alerts

  • Alerts are only effective if they are noticed. That’s why SMS and alerts are strong partners. The attention-grabbing short message gets noticed almost immediately, so you save a lot of time.
    By sending it via an SMS gateway provider, the message can be integrated into various processes.
Lassen Sie Nagios SMS versenden udn behalten Sie den Überblick

Need help installing or setting up the features?
You can find more information on our GitHub page.