Make is a no-code online automation platform and was previously known as Integromat. Users can use Make to create various workflows and automations without any programming knowledge. Hundreds of apps can be connected in a visual user interface that is intuitive to use, allowing all team members to help shape the processes. In its basic version, Make is free, with a variety of paid options available for more sophisticated needs.

We’re happy to say that seven can be integrated into your processes via app on Make as well. Create your workflow and send SMS with Make in no time.

Der Versand von SMS mit Make ist besonders leicht umzusetzen

Sending SMS with Make and seven is easy for your team.

Send SMS with Make now

Not only can you use our app to send SMS with Make, but you also have access to our other services. For example, send voice messages, check your balance and current prices or integrate our popular lookup products.

For sending SMS with seven you can also use different features in Make. For example, you can send Flash SMS, use labels and profit from our performance tracking. To make sure you can effectively use our app in Make you only need to make sure you have your API key ready for a short setup. Try it for yourself and send SMS with Make and seven.

Sending SMS

  • Benefit from a reliable SMS gateway that you can easily integrate into your workflow. Additionally, you may use our well-known SMS features: Flash SMS, labels, time-delayed sending and many more options are at your disposal.

Sending voice messages

  • Voice or text-to-speech messages are delivered to recipients as a call. The content of the message is read out when the call is accepted. Voice messages are often used for alarms.


  • With our CNAM, MNP and HLR lookups, you can get all the information you need about your numbers in no time. We recommend that you validate recipient lists before sending your first SMS.

Additional features

  • You need information about our prices or want to check how much money is left in your account? This is easily possible with our Make app. You can also query the status of individual SMS directly from Make.

Need help setting up or using the features?
See the documentation for our app on Make for detailed information.