Integrately is a no-code automation platform that aims to be particularly easy to use thanks to preset automations. This means that even inexperienced users can quickly create their own workflows that connect different apps. If a desired automation does not exist yet, you can of course create it yourself.

With the seven app you can add our products to your automation with just a few clicks. For example, you can send SMS with Integrately when a certain event occurs.

Integrately is available in different price plans for different needs, from a free plan to a paid business plan with 700,000 tasks included.

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You want to send automated SMS with Integrately? Our app can do even more!

Our App: More than just sending SMS with Integrately

With our app you can easily implement automated sending of SMS with Integrately. However, you can also integrate other products, such as our lookups and voice messages, in your automation.

Link the seven app with an app of your choice and create your first automation. Get updated when certain events occur or automatically validate new phone numbers of your customers. With your individual automation, you can implement your personal scenario easily and effectively. Make sure to try it yourself!

Send SMS

  • Send automated SMS when a specific event occurs – choose from hundreds of apps that can be used as triggers.


  • You can also use our lookup products via app in your automation. Integrate the HLR, CNAM and MNP lookup in Integrately.

Voice messages

  • Your message needs to generate even more attention than SMS? Send a voice message that is delivered to your recipients as a call and read out on the phone. Our customers like to use this feature for alerts.
Ein Beispiel einer eigenen Verknüpfung zwischen zwei Apps:

Example of linking possibilities between Instagram for Business and in Integrately, click to enlarge.

Want to try our app and send your first SMS with Integrately?
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