Beehive is an event and agent system for building your own automated processes. By including modules, so-called hives, many different services can be combined, so that you can have yourself notified about different events and can execute a variety of actions. Beehive is flexible and easily extensible. This is likely to be one of the reasons why  its users like to realise automations in a wide range of possible applications, from home automation to automated posting processes.

If you want to send SMS with Beehive, you can now use our seven-Bee in your automation to make that happen.

Beehive nutzen, um automatisiert SMS zu versenden
SMS in Beehive versenden mit sms77

Configuration of an action, click to enlarge

Send SMS with Beehive

There are many good reasons to send an SMS with Beehive. The compact and reliable short messages, helps you to keep yourself or your team up to date about certain events without having to worry about details such as operating systems on the recipient devices. This way, you stay in the loop very effectively and can react to important events very quickly.

Our customers use SMS dispatch through automation software particularly frequently to send alerts and other time-sensitive event information. You configure the dispatch, we take care of your messages

Automated SMS dispatch

  • Sending SMS with Beehive and our plugin is simple and effective. When you configure your dispatch you specify to which numbers the SMS will be sent and which sender name or sender number you want to be displayed. Sending to groups from your seven contact book is also possible. Then, you start building your very own automation and soon, you’ll send your first automated SMS.
Configure the dispatch of SMS with Beehive

Configuration of sending an SMS with Beehive, click to enlarge

Need help installing or setting up the features?
Head over to our GitHub page for more details.