Zoho’s own customer relationship management system is becoming increasingly popular. The CRM now serves more than 250,000 companies. The free version is designed for small teams – up to three users can operate on this plan. For larger companies, there are different price plans, which also differ in the scope of services.

Thanks to the customizable workflows, you can also easily integrate individual processes into the CRM. For example, you can incorporate the sending of SMS with Zoho CRM into your workflow to benefit from the effective short messages.

Send SMS with Zoho CRM, for example, to welcome new customers.

Send SMS with Zoho CRM

Your CRM and SMS – a true dream team. If you too would like to send SMS with Zoho CRM, for example whenever a certain event occurs, we have just the thing for you. With an effective workflow, you can easily integrate SMS sending via seven and benefit from the attention-grabbing text message. In our documentation we show you step by step how to create a workflow and trigger the SMS dispatch.

When sending SMS with us, you do not have to accept any restrictive contract periods or minimum sales. You only pay for what you use. You can also integrate our other products through a workflow.

Sending SMS… and more

  • Sending SMS with Zoho CRM is done via Webhook. Therefore, you can also integrate any other of our products into your Zoho CRM workflow that can be used via Webhook.

Creating a workflow in Zoho CRM. Click to enlarge.

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