Matomo is a web analytics platform that is very popular. The software used to be called Piwik and was renamed Matomo in 2018. The Japanese word means honest and this is precisely the value that the platform aims to represent. Consequently, not only is the software is open source, but users also have full control over their data. On its own homepage, it is even described as an ethical alternative to the well-known market leader in web analytics.

Furthermore, the platform can be hosted on-premise as well as in the provider’s cloud. In addition to extensive functions in the standard versions, you can unlock premium features as needed. All in all, not only data protection fans should take a closer look here.

Das Dashboard der Webanalyse-Software

The seven plugin for Matomo

With the seven plugin for Matomo you can have customized reports sent to you via SMS. Short messages are particularly suitable for this because they generate a high level of attention among their recipients. At the same time, you always keep control over the route your SMS takes.

You can receive your reports on the go via SMS on your cell phone, or simply have them forwarded via webhook or email. Of course, you can also combine several of these forwarding options. As soon as you have registered with us and your credit is sufficient for sending messages, you can easily integrate SMS sending and send your first report. You don’t have an account with us yet?
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Send customized analysis reports automatically via SMS

  • Have your individual reports for your websites sent to you via SMS. Your advantage: Not only are you always up to date, but you can also have the SMS forwarded through our gateway.

    This way, the reports always arrive exactly where they are needed. Matomo lets you configure the reports according to your needs, we make sure they arrive at the right place.

Sie bestimmen selbst, welche Daten Sie via SMS zugesendet bekommen möchten

Settings area for reports in Matomo.
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