Node-RED is a visual programming tool and is mainly used in the area of the Internet of Things (short IoT). The tool enables largely intuitive programming through the visualization of processes called flows. Therefore, comprehensive coding knowledge is no longer necessary. The Software was made by developers of IBM Emerging Technology Services and is now open source. Since 2016 it belongs to today’s Open-JS-Foundation, which wants to contribute to a positive development of the JavaScript- and web ecosystem.

Nodes für SMS und Text2Speech in Node-Red

The seven plugin for Node-RED

Automated SMS dispatch is very useful in many scenarios. Especially in IoT application areas you would like to be informed about certain events – preferably reliably and securely via SMS. Therefore, we developed some nodes so you can send SMS and Text2Speech messages via seven in Node-RED. If you integrate our nodes into your flow, you can easily send information to yourself or customers via SMS or voice message when a defined event occurs. All you need is a seven account and sufficient credit.

Do you need help with the installation or the setup of the functions?
You can find more information on our GitHub page.