Slack is an instant messaging and collaboration service that is mainly used in companies. Its functionalities make it ideal for communication in different teams and projects, as well as for one-on-one conversations. Slack’s clarity and performance, but also many different integration options have made the messenger popular. For example, you can integrate our Slack SMS app and thus bundle your internal communication processes even further.

For Slack itself, you can choose from a free plan and three different paid plans, each of which includes different features. The company wants to enable the highest possible data protection and therefore provides various compliance certificates. Slack itself describes the communication through its app as fast, structured and secure.

Forward important messages via SMS with the Slack SMS app by sms77

Our Slack SMS app

Do you want to pool your communications in one place, but still want to profit from the reliability of SMS? Send SMS to people who are not part of your Slack workspace or to team members who are not connected to the internet right now. Thanks to our Slack SMS app’s easy integration, you can forward messages or write your own SMS with just a few clicks. Additionally, options are available to tag your messages, making it especially easy to analyze your SMS dispatch. For example, you can specify a label to keep messages to different teams apart.

Just add our app to Slack, configure your SMS sending and you’re ready to go. All you need is an active account with us and permission to add apps in your Slack workspace. Want to make sure our services fit your needs first? You can sign up for free and get familiar with our products.

Sending SMS from Slack

  • Send important messages to people who aren’t in your Slack workspace or don’t have internet reception right now without having to leave Slack.

Sender ID

  • Set a sender name that can contain up to eleven alphanumeric characters. This way, your recipients will know who they are receiving a message from as soon as they see it.

Other features

  • Determine a time at which you want your SMS to be sent by setting a delay. You can also set Label and Foreign ID to identify your SMS. This will make it easier for you to analyze your messages later.
Eine SMS versenden mit unserer SMS App für Slack

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