Workato is an integration-based automation solution that has been founded in 2013. The iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) for enterprises promises a simple but powerful way to profitably combine different integrations. Following the no or low code principle, customers can use the automation capabilities for countless application fields.

Even though Workato is already working with more than 7000 enterprise customers, there is no end in sight for the company’s growth. In early 2021, it was announced that the company is valued at $1.7 billion

Enhance your communication in Workato with sms77

The seven plugin for Workato

To make your communication more effective, you can integrate seven as a strong partner in Workato. When you integrate our services, you can make use of extensive features that go beyond the mere sending of SMS. For example, you can also send voice messages or flash SMS and view analytics data or your current balance.

If you choose seven as your SMS service provider, you will be able to use most of our services directly in Workato. This alone is going to save you valuable time. In addition, adding our service to the software is going to make sending SMS in your workflows a lot easier.
Try it today and send your first message with the seven plugin.

Extensive functions

Be it sending SMS or validating phone numbers for the voice function, the seven integration for Workato offers you a wide range of features that will undoubtedly provide great benefits for you. Lookups, for example, help you keep your register clean. At the same time you can conveniently access analytics data whenever you need to. All of this is possible without having to leave Workato!

Verfügbare Aktionen in Workato mit sms77

Possible actions at a glance. Click to enlarge.

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