Zammad is a helpdesk-, and support system which was released in 2016. Zammad means “together” in Bavarian and collaboration is also the core element of the software. The system helps your customer service department to solve customer issues together with them. In addition, the helpdesk system is an open source project and as such has received several awards. You can use the software as a hosted version or host it yourself. Costs vary depending on the type of hosting, the kinds of features and the number of users.

Screenshot des Dashboards von Zammad

Your helpdesk’s dashboard, picture by Zammad

The seven plugin for Zammad

The helpdesk takes care of support, we take care of communication. Use our plugin to send SMS easily and uncomplicated right from your application. If you have connected our API, you can make use of SMS for two different purposes:

  • You can use SMS for communication between customers and support and
  • You can automatically send SMS notifications to your employees when a specified event occurs

Benefit from the fast opening rate of SMS and offer your customers a special service. Sign up now and try for yourself!

You need help with the installation or the setup of the functions?
Please find more information on our GitHub page.