Zapier is one of the most popular online tools for linking web applications and automating workflows worldwide. There are more than 5000 apps available that can be combined to create diverse and customized workflows. Zapier’s basic plan is free and there are other price plans for different needs.

With the integration of seven, you can also send SMS with Zapier in no time. But there’s more: you can also use other products such as our Lookups and our Voice feature. Find out what to expect here or click the button below to find our app on Zapier.

Zapier Apps Examples - Send SMS with Zapier and other Apps

More than 5000 apps can be linked in Zapier.

Send SMS with Zapier – and more

With our app you have various functions at your disposal. For example, you can use incoming SMS and incoming calls as triggers. As an action you can, of course, send SMS with Zapier. But you can also send voice messages, trigger various lookups, register a webhook or query analysis or logbook data.

Create your workflow in just a few steps and benefit from our products and the strong interaction of the numerous other apps available on Zapier. There are almost no limits to your imagination! To set up our app in Zapier, all you need is an API Key, which you can create yourself very quickly. Just try it!

You can find application examples of our service with Zapier in our blogposts:

For detailed information on the different features, please visit the overview page of our app on Zapier.