Receive automatic SMS notifications for upcoming Google Calendar events

You’ll never miss an entry from your Google Calendar again if you link it to seven via the Zapier platform. Be informed automatically via SMS reminder in good time BEFORE appointments or events are due.

Easily designed. Easily combined.

Over 1,100 applications are already integrated in Zapier. Zapier: That’s an interactive platform through which every registered user can combine the apps available there at will. WordPress can be linked with Instragram, Dropbox with Mailchimp, Salesforce with Paypal and so on. The interfaces are solved by Zapier itself, so that no further expenditure or cumbersome integrations are necessary on the user’s part.

One of the most popular zap triggers is Google Calendar. Google has been providing the web application for managing appointments and events since 2006. At the end of last year, the app was redesigned and a number of features added that will delight not just private users, but particularly business users.

A perfect match for this is a professional SMS gateway that specializes in business SMS. Both apps, Google Calendar and seven, create a dynamic efficiency that will make your everyday life easier when combined.

Automatic SMS reminder

Who doesn’t know the situation: the appointment calendar is so full that an important entry is overlooked. Or you fail to prepare for a customer meeting because you don’t think about it in time. Sometimes you even forget to inform people in good time that a meeting is postponed.

Of course, a reminder function is already implemented directly in the Google Calendar. However, this presupposes that you are regularly – and on time – active in the application. Alternatively, you’ll receive a notification in Chrome or an email to your Gmail account. But even so you may not be looking at your account every minute. Or you get so many messages that the important reminder for your reserved flight simply gets lost between everything else. In the worst case, there’s no internet connectivity at the decisive moment – in which case, only SMS can help.

Organizer with individuality

The demands on software applications have long since risen, not least on those which plan our everyday routine. It’s not enough just to put a red mark on day X and tear off calendar pages month by month – the print version of the calendar seems to fulfill a purely decorative purpose anyway.

“This device will take you half of the work off.” – “Great, then I’ll take two of them.”

If only it were that simple … In fact, many programs, apps and tools can greatly simplify the organization of our everyday lives, which is still limited to 24 hours a day. The connection Google Calendar via Zapier with seven not only gives your Google Accounts the ability to communicate interactively with you. There are also a number of sophisticated tricks available, based on artificial intelligence, to automate complex processes as a precautionary measure and thereby save enormous amounts of time (and nerves).

Here are some scenarios as example:

  • Time window

    The principle is almost the same as with an alarm clock. You set a certain time in advance to be reminded in time before the actual appointment starts. In Google Calendar, these can be birthdays, meetings, deadlines and other time limits, but also extraordinary matters. Automatic reminders are easy to setup, for example as an annual recurring event, with individual notification intervals and color code according to your priorities.

    Zapier then accesses each of these entries accordingly, even recognizes the colors with which you may have marked your appointments. These are assigned a “Color ID”. Furthermore, both the exact and the approximate start and end times as well as the duration of the appointment can be determined.

  • Participants

    In Google Calendar you can add guests to every appointment. However, they must also have a Google account that is known to your account. These can be i.e. colleagues, external employees, customers or one-time participants who are invited for this special appointment. You can send messages and mails to the selected contacts directly from the application , schedule appointments with them or start a video call.

    Transferred to Zapier, next to the “Creator Email” and the “Organizer Email” are “Attendee emails”, ie involved contacts as possible search functions. You can optionally even filter by whether or not you have created the entry yourself, as well as whether someone has cancelled the appointment.

  • Additional functions

    Interesting filter options are also:

    • The location of the event. Add this as a place in Google Calendar. Guests can view the address directly via Google Maps and calculate a suitable route. In Zapier, the location can ideally be detected by text search, e.g. “Text contains main street”.
    • HTML links. In the description field of your Google Calendar events you can set links, which are recognized as such by Zapier. Events that have been created, for example, for a specific online post can be easily linked.
    • Kind of entry. For example, you can filter your Zap directly by holidays in Germany, by birthdays or projects for which you have created your own category in Google Calendar.

Each of these scenarios from the Google Calendar can be defined in Zapier as a trigger and thus trigger an SMS through the seven gateway. Thereby, you have countless possibilities to manage your appointments individually, to be always up to date and to be informed independently of internet access or availability.

Create further Zaps with similar applications to always get SMS reminders to appointments, events, meetings, tasks etc just in time:

SMS reminders for Google Calendar via Zapier and sms77

Do you still have questions about the seven app or how to link it correctly in Zapier? Contact us – our support team is happy to help.

Best Regards
Your sms77 team

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