Get notified from your Mailchimp campaign via SMS: Zapier makes it possible

You want to expand your communication structure and have already heard lots of positive things about combining email and SMS? But until now it all seemed too complex, not very individual and not at all realistic without hiring IT experts? Thanks to the Zapier platform, you can easily have your Mailchimp campaign (and other mail programs) send an SMS without any prior experience or coding knowledge. Without having to integrate an API, without installing external software, without any problems.

Communicative solutions via SMS notifications

Mailchimp is primarily used to handle newsletters, mailings and invitations, as well as numerous other ways to achieve a large customer reach via email. The coherent concept also offers you effective control features and, of course, notification options that are sent to your specified email address.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to that. Are you out-of-office a lot? Occasionally without access to the internet? Or do you simply not want to have to search through hundreds of emails for priorities? Just imagine how handy it would be to receive a text message directly for the really important messages about your Mailchimp campaign and thus be up-to-date at any time and without interruption.

Discover Zapier as an interface

On the Zapier platform, you can link your Mailchimp account to other apps as you desire. This has the great advantage that you don’t have to communicate only on one level (email), but can implement other applications without requiring any special background knowledge. Zapier serves as an interface in these scenarios and links all available applications freely, according to your wishes or requirements.

If you choose Mailchimp as a trigger for your Zap, for example, you can then specify settings that are particularly important to you.

  • New subscribers: You want to know immediately when new customers subscribe to your newsletter or sign up for an interest group? On Mailchimp these lists are available at any time – but you can also be informed via SMS. In parallel, the whole thing also works if someone unsubscribes.
  • Update subscribers: As soon as an existing customer makes changes within the contact lists or is added to another group, you can track the customer journey accordingly: by SMS to the minute.
  • New campaign: Your employees create new mailing campaigns and send them out – stay up to date here as well and have an SMS sent to you. You can also track newly created lists in this way.
  • Many more: Use other events as triggers, such as a new order, an email opened, or a link clicked.
Set your desired trigger in Mailchimp

Send SMS automatically – based on activity in your Mailchimp campaign

If you have verified your Mailchimp account, you can set our service as an action app and be notified by SMS based on the desired settings. For this you only need an API Key from your account. Set up the dispatch in a few steps and activities in your Mailchimp campaign will trigger an SMS that will be sent to you everywhere and on time.

You can define sender ID, recipient and content of the SMS individually. Everything else then happens automatically. If your needs change, for example due to a new Mailchimp campaign, you can flexibly adjust your Zap or create a new one.

Setting up the action in Zapier

Still have questions about the seven app or how to link it correctly in Zapier?
Contact us – our support team will be happy to help.

All the best
Your sms77 team

Changes made 1/3/2024: Updated screenshots

Changes made 8/23/2022: Updated screenshots and added more options under Mailchimps triggers. Also adapted information on how to use our service in Zapier: Currently only a valid API key is required for sending, not the full login data.

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