Firmao offers software for businesses. The focus is on the CRM for small and medium-sized businesses that is available in different versions – depending on the scope of use. It can be adapted to the different needs of a company and includes, among other things, helpdesk software.

Communication with your team and customers can be realized in many different ways. If you want to send SMS from Firmao, you can link our service to Firmao in a few simple steps.

Send SMS from Firmao with seven

Send SMS from Firmao now

It’s easy to send SMS from Firmao to your customers or to your team. For example, using Zapier, you can send an SMS when a new customer, task or sales opportunity is created in Firmao. This way, you can automate important processes in your communication in no time.

Simply create the desired Zap in Zapier, for example: When a new customer is created in Firmao, send an SMS. The trigger is Firmao, seven performs the action. Once you have created the Zap, the action will be executed automatically every time the respective trigger is addressed. Make sure to try it yourself.

Want to try linking seven and Firmao via Zapier?
Click the button to go to our Zapier overview page.