Communication in times of the Corona crisis

In times of crisis it is particularly important to communicate clearly and quickly. Due to the spread of COVID-19, we are all confronted with situations that we could not have foreseen. In this blog post, we would like to talk briefly about how the Corona crisis affects us and how clear communication is possible using SMS.

First of all: What happens at seven?

Our team has been working in the home office since the beginning of the week, because we want to make our contribution to the health of our community during the Corona crisis. It is also normal for our team to work from home from time to time, as our infrastructure is highly automated and our systems and processes are remote-enabled. Since home office was already a part of our everyday practice, nothing changes for you as a customer. Our support, both by telephone and by e-mail, will continue to be available to you as usual.

Spread of the COV-19 virus

Spread of the corona virus
Red circles show the spread of the corona virus on a world map (March 2020)

How can I as a company communicate well now?

It is important for you to keep a cool head in the Corona crisis and keep in touch with employees and customers. The sending of SMS is perfect for this. They are delivered quickly and reliably, regardless of apps or the recipient’s device, and are read faster and more often than other types of messages. They are also independent of possibly overloaded Internet connections.

What should I communicate at all?

We are currently flooded with information about the Corona crisis and the virus on many channels. Here, too, SMS is a good way of communication, as it is different from “conventional” information channels and is therefore more likely to be noticed. They can notify the cancellation of events, inform their team about new measures or keep regular customers informed about current opening hours or conditions. It is important that you communicate consciously and calmly and check all facts thoroughly before you act.

So if you are looking for a way to communicate securely, quickly and easily during this time, our service is the right choice for you. If you’d like to test the service, sign up for free and try it – no strings attached.

Stay healthy and in touch.


Your sms77 team

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