Customer loyalty via SMS: 5 successful marketing tips

Customer loyalty is the be-all and end-all. As soon as you have attracted new customers for your offer, it’s important to secure their loyalty, let them keep talking about your product / service, and in the best case, make it irreplaceable. Your goal: a growing customer base.

Be it a brand, a special product or a complete image – with the right SMS tips you increase the loyalty of your customers. Subscribers become fans, fans become a community, and your marketing becomes success. And all this for the lowest price, organized in a very comfortable way, as well proven as ever. Thanks to SMS.

Customer loyalty needs to grow. This doesn’t happen immediately, you have to earn it. Not an easy task in a highly competitive business. The competition is tricky, the market moody and your customers easy to manipulate. A blessing and a curse to equal. We will show you in the following post how to keep your purchasing power together and how important a professional SMS communication is in this context.

Step 1: Be in the right place at the right time

Smartphones can now be found in every pocket, but let’s not forget that even the “old school” phones are all SMS-capable. They all walk past us out there. But how do you catch exactly the user who is currently within reach to take advantage of your offer immediately? In this case, Short Codes are particularly effective. Restaurants, retailers, even airlines use this clever customer loyalty feature.

The strategy is intuitive: a multi-digit combination of numbers and letters is printed on the menu, on the shop window or on the nutcup. In addition, a concise call-to-action message, which leads the customer to send the text as an SMS to the specified number, for example, to get immediate discount or a second product for free. To redeem either directly on the spot or on the next visit to redeem. Well-structured two-way massaging offers a lot of potential for this.

Step 2: Don’t be forgotten at home

We all know that: direct mail to all households, stacks of coupons or discount stamps – at home on the wall instead of on-site at the store. So soon you forget the little notes and before you know it expires validity and thus the interest in buying. Different with SMS marketing. Your customers want simple deals, no hurdles, no riveting.

The majority therefore prefers SMS coupons via app or barcode scan. These are stored directly on the phone and are available at any time. And let’s be honest – the smartphone is not forgotten so fast. Some companies, for example cinemas, regularly distribute discounts to those customers who sign up via Facebook in their SMS distribution list. By means of number validation, such lists can be optimally organized and kept up to date.

Step 3: Incite your customers

Companies are often unwillingly in constant competition, but customers love the challenge to measure and outnumber each other. If they can be the first one, win prizes, or share achievements with their friends, then this is what lures them to your offer. Provided you can manage it cleverly. Educate your Audience: For example, your SMS marketing campaign might ask to send a specific product name or brand name as soon as the customer is in contact with it.

Be it a fitness drink in the gym or when the new jeans are worn in the club. Combine it with a sweepstake and social media platforms. Limited editions and temporary participation also provide incentive to participate. Many SMS services offer Inbound SMS, where you can choose how you want to receive replies. So you can easily connect votes and the like via your email account or integrate external software.

Sweepstakes can improve customer loyalty

Step 4: Be a source of information

Information should be available everywhere, anytime, and instantly. If a customer has to search for your offer for a long time, it increases the risk that he ends up – perhaps unnoticed – at the competitors.

This not only applies to primary keywords related to your product or brand, but explicit additional information. How it is used, there are ticks and tricks, will soon be a new edition, etc. Online stores use, for example, SMS notifications to inform their customers about re-available items that they had saved on the watch list and were sold out at times. This is also how you can inform about short-term reduced offers. This truly elevates customer loyalty.

Give your customers an update on successor products, new flavors and the like. Ideally, your assortment gets collector status. Newsletters as bulk SMS can be seperated into groups if customers have registered in advance for a particular area of ​​interest.

Thus, news about one category only go to selected phone numbers, other topics instead don’t reach them. Your customer thus receives more quality and meaningful added value to stay loyal to you and your offer.

Step 5: Give your customers VIP status

The customer is king? Stale. Nowadays, customers have VIP status, premium subscriptions and special edition cards for shopping. Convey appreciation to your customers by giving them the feeling that they are chosen. Even a bulk SMS can be upgraded excellently with a personal touch. Customizable messages with salutation, first names and concerns bring you closer to your customers, improving customer loyalty. Do you have a WiFi hotspot in your store? Perfect. Use this to involve your customers locally.

Via Public WiFi Code you can make access available to selected customers and at the same time include them in your contact details. With each visit, WLAN network and users recognize each other as soon as they are within reach. For your customers, this is an additional incentive to get back to your offer – and you have again taken a step towards successful customer loyalty.

Improve customer loyalty with premium offers

Unfortunately, some companies lose sight of their existing clientele during their daily acquisition. However, that these also can provide for new customers, in the form of recommendations, word of mouth, links, etc. should necessarily be taken into account. Once again, SMS marketing proves itself. Because a text message can be forwarded quickly and easily, to any phone, regardless of manufacturer and operating system, and that within seconds.

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