Improving customer loyalty via SMS – our advice

From personalisation to loyalty programmes: Increasing customer loyalty via SMS

Customer loyalty is a central building block for the long-term success of a company. In the age of digitalization, SMS as a means of communication offers direct and immediate access to the customer. Although often overshadowed by newer means of communication, SMS remains an effective tool in corporate communications because of its simplicity and reach. In this blog post, we will present various approaches and strategies on how companies can target customer engagement via SMS. We will cover topics such as personalization, limited-time offers, reminder SMS and loyalty programs to provide a comprehensive overview of the possibilities for increasing customer loyalty via SMS.

Personalized messages

What is the most effective strategy for successfully increasing customer loyalty via SMS? It’s simple: instead of sending the same SMS to 100 customers, use customer data to send personalized messages. A simple “Hello [first name]” can work wonders and make customers feel special and appreciated.

It makes all the difference whether an offer is personalized or not. Personalization is not just limited to addressing the customer personally, but also to what exactly is being offered to them. Use all the data at your disposal to offer your customers exactly what they need at the moment or what they best from your product range. However, make sure that you are always transparent about how you collect and use data, otherwise your messages will quickly come across as intrusive. A balanced approach is key.

Limited time offers and exclusive promotions

Send SMS containing special discount codes or offers that are only valid for a limited time. This creates urgency and added value for the customer as they feel part of an exclusive group.
Remember: if your recipients trust you with their mobile number, YOU are part of an exclusive club, since not many companies get the chance to send messages to private mobile numbers. So treat your recipients the same way: offer them unique promotions and offers reserved only for those on your SMS distribution list. It’s a chance to confirm and reward the deep bond and trust they have placed in you.

Reminder SMS: added value in real time

Customers appreciate useful and timely reminders that add value, whether it’s updates on a delivery or reminders about specific events. Reminder SMS are not only a way to inform customers about something, but also a way to personalize and enhance their experience with your brand. They show that you care about their needs and interests.

It’s important to design reminder text messages so that they are informative, relevant, and to the point. When this is done successfully, they can be a powerful tool in your strategy to strengthen customer loyalty via SMS.

Legal basis and best practice for your SMS sending

Different rules may apply depending on the type of SMS. Learn more in our blogposts.

Feedback and conversation

Soliciting customer feedback via SMS is not only a sign that you value your customers’ opinions, but it also opens doors to deeper conversations. Direct dialogue allows you to address individual needs and comments, creating opportunities for conversational marketing. This approach fosters a closer relationship with customers and allows you to respond to inquiries or concerns in real time, ultimately leading to stronger customer loyalty.

Loyalty programs and loyalty points

By providing targeted information about the current points balance in a loyalty program via SMS, you not only create transparency, but also strengthen customer loyalty. Special SMS deals for members of such programs serve as an additional incentive to make their next purchase from you and use the points they have collected. Such a proactive approach makes customers feel valued and strengthens their loyalty to your brand.

Customer loyalty via SMS – personal and fast

In today’s digital world, SMS is still an effective tool for promoting customer loyalty. By personalizing messages, sending limited-time offers and providing useful reminders, companies can deepen and intensify their customer relationships. Soliciting feedback and using loyalty programs are additional strategies that highlight the customer’s value and show them they are appreciated. With a targeted and thoughtful approach to SMS, companies can build trust and loyalty with their customers, creating a long-term and successful relationship. A solid strategy for increasing customer loyalty via SMS can yield significant dividends for businesses.

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