How SMS and landing pages hit the mark with your customers

The marketing landscape has been very contested since its beginnings. Again and again, it is necessary to come up with ideas to stand out from the competition. Perhaps you too are asking yourself the question of how you can reach your target group directly and personally, and additionally convince them with great design. Have you thought about SMS? No? We have an idea how you can use the good reputation of SMS to achieve your goals: Send a link to your new landing page.

What is a landing page?

In short, a landing page is a single website on which a certain product or service is offered. It is a reduced page, which is designed to achieve a very specific conversion. This means that there is ONE target per landing page. You want your customer to subscribe to the newsletter? Then everything that the visitor sees at first glance should show them what added value the newsletter offers. You also want to sell a specific product? Off to another page with it!

An excellent landing page also helps to achieve a better quality score on GoogleAds.

What do I need a landing page for?

So, if you think: “But why do I need a landing page, my customers will find what they are looking for on my website”, you are certainly not alone. But it is a fact that people who search the internet for something only stay on a page for a very short amount of time if they feel that they might not find what they are looking for.

However, if they see the information relevant to them at first glance, the bounce rate is much lower and the conversion rate much higher. In short, this means: Your customers perceive you as relevant and are more inclined to buy your product or use your services.

The big advantage is that you can also create different versions of this site, tailored to different target groups. In addition, A/B tests can be carried out very easily with different landing pages. Thus, you can improve your conversion rate even more, make your targeting more precise and increase the return on investment.

What is it supposed to look like?

As far as the design is concerned, there are hardly any limits to your imagination. However, obviously you have to consider a couple of things when creating a landing page. The design of landing pages costs money if you do not design them yourself and even if you do, you will have to invest time.

However, there is one characteristic that your landing page has to fulfill in any case. Without any discussion, without compromise. It must be optimized for mobile viewing so that it looks good on different mobile devices. It is also worth investing a few extra coins for this. If the landing page is not easy to use, your customers will leave in an instant. Of course, this is especially true for landing pages that you want to send via SMS, but nowadays your website should always be designed responsively, anyway.

Once this important factor has been secured, there are still some other points you should consider:

  • Above the fold

    As mentioned above, the first glance is already important. Therefore, the most important features should be visible “above the fold”. “Above the fold” is the area of your page the user sees without scrolling. This does not mean that you should fill this area with as much information as possible. However, your value proposition and your unique selling point should already be shown or at least hinted at. If you do not have a particularly alternative marketing approach, your name and logo should also be shown here. By the way: Experience has shown that the conversion rate is higher if landing pages do not display a navigation bar. However, also keep in mind that the “above the fold” area is not everything. If your customer finds this area appealing, they will scroll down the page to find out more about your offer. Further information should therefore follow “below the fold”.

  • Easy on the eyes

    Mobile responsiveness is only one of the must-haves for landing pages. Even though attractive design is important, high-quality and authentic pictures are becoming increasingly important. They convey quality and trust, which not only increases the likelihood of conversion, but can also attract particularly loyal customers. If your customers identify with your brand, they are more likely to repeat purchases and recommend you to others. However, make sure that your site loads very quickly despite the high-quality photos (or even videos).

    Of course, the texts on your landing page are just as important, because they are what ultimately drives your customers to conversion. But only together do design, images and text develop their full effect. The real challenge is to combine all these elements to create a coherent image that is not cluttered.

  • Headlines and sublines

    When you start writing your texts, pay special attention to the headlines and sublines. This is especially true for the H1 and H2 above the fold. They are among the first features that visitors notice when they visit your page. Therefore, they must be particularly convincing. Moreover, texts on mobile landing pages should be kept short. The attention span of the visitors is much lower on mobile devices than on desktop

  • Law and order

    The usual legal requirements for websites also apply to landing pages. For example, you need an imprint, data protection guidelines and, if applicable, general terms and conditions. Users must also agree to the setting of cookies. Since active user consent has to be implemented by mid 2021 (under GDPR), you should take this into account now. Of course, you must also observe other legal requirements, which are best discussed individually with your legal advisor. However, these requirements should not involve any additional work on your end, unless you set up a separate page (a so-called microsite).
  • Call to Action

    Your landing page has a very specific goal. Your customers reach this goal fastest if you ask them to take action. A call-to-action is such a request. “Register now”, “Test for free” or “Learn more” are only the obvious examples. You can test different calls-to-action and also get a little creative. The important thing is that the customer carries out the desired action at the end. In most cases, the more eye-catching and rich in contrast the call-to-action button, the higher the conversion rate.

Landing pages and SMS

Perhaps you are now wondering what landing pages have to do with SMS.
It all boils down to this: SMS are received very well! Figuratively as well as literally.

They are perceived as much more trustworthy than emails. Therefore, the click rate on sent links is much higher. Since SMS are also opened very quickly and very often, there is no better way for you to get as many visitors on your site as quickly as possible. The landing page then ensures that your recipients not only visit the page, but also carry out the desired action. So with the attention-grabbing SMS and the conversion-boosting landing page, you combine two strong partners with high synergy effects.

SMS that are opened within the first three minutes after sending:90%

How can you use landing pages?

You already guessed it: The application possibilities for landing pages are virtually endless. As mentioned before, a landing page only has ONE goal, but separate sites can be used for many different goals. Normally, a landing page aims at a conversion. This can be a request for contact data, but also a sale.

Send links to your landingpage via SMS

Whitepaper for newsletters

You will probably have encountered this type of landing page before. It offers a whitepaper or other added value, but only in exchange for an email address or other contact information. In the case of an email address, for instance, interested parties will receive a newsletter. This is an effective way for you to get in contact with potential customers. Please note, however, that caution is advised here: According to certain interpretations of the GDPR, the prohibition of coupling can apply here. It is therefore best to discuss this possibility with your legal advisor.

Sale or registration for event

This landing page is more likely to appeal to potential customers who are already familiar with your product. The goal is to get the customer to make a binding registration or to make a purchase. This option is particularly interesting for you, because, as you are sending SMS, you are already in contact with your customers.


The visitors of your site do not necessarily have to be customers. Landingpages are also a good way to introduce your company to potential applicants. Perhaps you have collected the numbers of potential employees during a trade fair? Offer insights into team culture, show what your future employees can expect and convince them that you are the right choice for them.

What is the click-through rate (CTR) on this campaign?

Would you like to know how many customers have clicked on your link? We got you: With our Performance Tracking you can keep track of the most important KPIs. Once you have selected and set up the tracking options, you can check your journal for the respective views, clicks and conversions for the link. This way, you can easily see which campaign performs best and optimize all others.

A strong team

If you have never tried to send out landing pages via SMS, you should definitely give it a try! SMS reach your customers safely, quickly and reliably. Landingpages then convince your customers that they want to be in contact with you. Not only can you carry out tests to optimise your campaign, but you can also keep an eye on the performance via our webapp.

You will hardly find a stronger team for your marketing. Give it a try!

Best regards
Ihr sms77 Team

Source of header picture: iStock/alphaspirit

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