New messaging feature: How to manage your contacts in the current webapp

Even easier, even more intuitive: since the relaunch of our webapp, contacts can be managed even better. Practical functions as well as a modern design allow a clearly structured customer segmentation up to the direct sending of SMS to specific recipients.

Import & Export CSV databases

In order to provide our customers with an uncomplicated data transfer, we have always preferred a direct import / export function – this is no longer listed as a separate menu item in the new design, but assigned to the contacts overview. It also allows you to easily select CSV documents that you have generated, for example from Excel or Outlook. You can find these options in your account section under Contacts> More.

Import and export of contact data

Please note that other file formats are not supported due to technical regulations.

Import CSV

The file to be imported is uploaded directly from the archive of your documents. In terms of data volume, you have no limits. Please note, however, that column titles are entered in the first row, which means that the system can automatically detect, for example, names, streets, dates of birth, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. Based on the tabular structure, the corresponding information is assigned and seamlessly transferred to the system.

In parallel, you can assign the contacts to a group. This can be an existing one or you can define a new group.

Import CSV

In the next step you’ll be shown an excerpt from your document. This allows you to check whether the individual columns have been recognized and assigned correctly. You also have the option of manually changing this assignment. You can set superfluous columns to “Ignore”.

A “save as” option is also available, which may help you verify your contacts better. Instead of the first name/surname, the corresponding entries are then listed with the specification of this saved information. These can be, for example, customer numbers, classifications, or individual keywords that help you to manage your contacts.

After successful import of the contacts, you can view them at any time in your account, adapt them or export them again as CSV.

Export CSV

Equivalent to import, a function for exporting is available. The data is converted back into a CSV format and can be easily opened in the corresponding programs. We recommend that you back up your contacts regularly or synchronize them with your other applications.

You will soon notice that the more often you port your contacts between different applications, the more confusing it can become. Hence it is advisable to extend the file name or, when importing to the webapp, the group name by the current date. You can also explicitly create a separate group/file for each import and export, e.g. “Import from 14.05.2018”. This will help you avoid faulty inventories and keep your contacts up-to-date.

Manage individual contacts and groups

In our webapp you will find your contacts displayed clearly. Of course, in addition to the import function, you can also manually add entries and create groups, rename, split, merge them and so on. Compared to the previous version you now have a better structured handling. New features include the separate view of groups and the overall view of all individual contacts as well as dynamic group management.

Since – in addition to the organization of a SMS campaign and other tasks – there is usually only a short amount of time to constantly sort out basic information such as contact information, we want to save you a lot of effort. This way, you can concentrate fully on the essentials and rely on the functionality of the seven webapp.

  • In the menu, groups are automatically sorted alphabetically or sorted by numbers in ascending order.
  • Contacts are sorted automatically in alphabetical order by first name or – if specified – by your individual “save as” entry.
  • Saved changes are implemented immediately and displayed without delay.
  • You can choose if 30, 100 or 500 entries are shown per page.
  • A search function makes it easier for you to find contacts immediately. For this, just enter the first or surname.

Contact care is just as important as acquisition

When you acquire new customers, you not only need to enter their data directly into your contact collection, but also keep it up-to-date. Proper customer segmentation improves the success of your marketing campaign immensely and leads to a stable customer loyalty in the long term. Therefore, make sure to start by importing data or entering it manually right at the beginning. These can be requested thanks to number validation (HLR / MNP Lookup). This gives you direct feedback on whether the phone numbers are valid, which roaming networks are associated and much more.

In the further course of your contact data care our features and products help you to organize a professional SMS campaign. For example, you can send specific SMS content to selected groups, automatically send birthday greetings, implement 2-factor authentication, or make your employee communications more effective. For simple as well as complex application scenarios, you will always have an intuitive solution at hand.

Your most important contact: seven – our support team will be happy to help.

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