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This article contains information that is no longer up-to-date.
You can top up your balance via PayPal without additional fees.
Instant bank transfer is no longer available.

For more information on how to top up your balance, please see our Helpdesk article on how to top up your account.

Dear customers,

in view of increased fraud, our Paypal payment terms change. This particularly applies to the top up of balance.

What changes?

Specifically, the following changes come into force:

  • The Paypal fees of 1.9% of sales + € 0.35 will now be forwarded to the customer and deducted from the credit balance
  • New customers or customers who have never paid by Paypal, must first be activated for the Paypal payment method. Unlocked accounts will see an indication in the payment process that the credit will be taken only after 1-3 business days. If you don’t see this information, your account is already activated and Paypal payments will be credited immediately.


The reason for this is not the high paypal fees compared to other payment methods – these are not new and have always been received. However, we have been increasingly struggling with an enormous amount of fraud at Paypal lately. Numerous new accounts are topped up directly with hacked Paypal accounts to send mass phishing SMS for Paypal itself.

Paypal is safer at this point only for buyers. Because the balance will be credtied in any case and up to 180 days retroactively by Paypal to the actual owner of the Paypal account again – but we have to pay a part of the rebooking fee to Paypal for this. Complaints and receipts for our service already provided Paypal ignores regularly. The recommendation of Paypal to us is that we should not use Paypal.


Furthermore free of charge, you can use the following payment methods to top up your balance:

  • Transfer
    Payments by bank transfer will automatically be credited immediately after receipt of payment. There are no fees for you.
  • Direct debit
    Payments by direct debit first require an activated SEPA mandate. Your payments by direct debit will then be credited immediately and free of charge.
  • Instant transfer
    Sofortüberweisung is the fast alternative to bank transfer. Due to the secure payment system of Sofort GmbH you will receive your topped up balance immediately after payment without deduction of fees.

We hope that we have found a satisfactory solution for all sides and thank you for your understanding,

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