Receive 2FA SMS via e-mail: The inbound number solution

Security and user-friendliness are key aspects when using online platforms. It’s well known that two-factor authentication (2FA) is a game-changer in amplifying online transaction protection. However, when teams need to access a single account and only have 2FA via SMS as an option, things can get complicated. In this post, we’ll address this specific case and offer a solution for teams. Spoiler: There is an easy way to make teams able to receive 2FA SMS via e-mail.

This blog post is not about how secure 2FA via SMS is compared to other methods. We have answered the most frequently asked questions about 2FA via SMS in another blog post.

About Security in Online Transactions

Online transactions demand robust security and 2FA significantly elevates this security. Instead of just a password, users input a time-sensitive code that can be delivered via SMS, authentication apps, or even hardware tokens. The addition of this second layer of authentication ensures that even if the main password is compromised, there’s another line of defense.

Pairing 2FA with other security measures creates a holistic safety net for online interactions. Embracing and understanding the importance of 2FA is vital for any user.

The 2FA SMS Dilemma for Teams

In collaborative environments, multiple individuals often need shared account access. But if the primary 2FA method is SMS, a challenge surfaces: Not everyone on the team will have access to a shared mobile device.

The quest then becomes finding a solution that enables teams to receive 2FA SMS via e-mail.

Please note: Forwarding a 2FA code reduces the security of the 2FA method.

Introducing: The inbound number solution

The inbound number is where innovation meets necessity. With this solution, teams can receive SMS through our system, which can then be effortlessly forwarded to their e-mail.

What’s an inbound number, you ask? Essentially, it’s a designated mobile number acquired from a provider that can systematically process incoming messages. As a result, an incoming 2FA SMS can be instantly forwarded to an e-mail address, which is an easy way to receive 2FA SMS via e-mail for your team.

Such a quick relay ensures that users, or entire teams, can act on these codes promptly. This limits potential access delays, ensuring consistent availability of critical services or data.

Instructions: How to Forward 2FA SMS with the Inbound Number via E-mail

To streamline the process for teams:

  1. Obtain an inbound number through our web app. Remember, many 2FA SMS codes come from alphanumeric senders, so make sure your number can accept these. In our system, look for numbers with the A2P SMS label. Detailed booking instructions are available in our Helpdesk.
  2. Set up SMS forwarding to the desired e-mail addresses. Navigate to your number in the web app, activate “Forward incoming SMS by mail”, and input the intended e-mail addresses. Step-by-step instructions are available in our Helpdesk.
  3. Register your inbound number on the platform of your choice to start receiving the 2FA codes.
  4. Conduct a test to ensure everything is functioning smoothly.

Conclusion: Receive 2FA SMS via E-mail with the Inbound Number Solution

2FA is a cornerstone of online security. But in collaborative settings, where multiple team members require access, the traditional SMS-based 2FA can introduce challenges. Enter the inbound number solution. By allowing teams to receive 2FA SMS via e-mail, the process becomes more streamlined and adaptable to team dynamics. While convenient, users should remain informed about potential security considerations. Used judiciously, our solution offers a more efficient approach to 2FA for teams.

Do you have questions or need some guidance? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Have you faced challenges with 2FA SMS in team settings? Share your experiences below!

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