Send bulk SMS as easy and effective as never before

Do you actually know all the settings and tricks to optimize your bulk SMS? Configurations for automation, serial SMS on the go via command line or time-delayed options for international marketing campaigns: Here you will find all important features on the topic.

Scatter bulk SMS or use it selectively

SMS are THE communication tool when it comes to high availability and reading rates. No other medium reaches recipients all over the world so reliably – at any time, even without the Internet or the latest high-tech. Business strategies for marketing, services, authentication, organization and scheduling benefit most from this. The areas of application are both extremely versatile and multi-layered. In some scenarios the sending of a mass SMS is mere speculation on success, most however depend on the same reliability and stable throughput rate.

A clear segmentation of the contact data is also important. Select all = long range? At first, the theory “I send my offer to everyone I know” seems tempting. In the long run, however, more and more annoyed customers will turn away from you. Because they feel disturbed by messages that seem irrelevant to them, or because they simply become too many. Therefore a purposeful bulk dispatch is recommended. There are numerous ways to automate, personalize and scale this effectively.

Advantages of bulk SMS via SMS gateway

Before straining your fingers with forwarding or copy-and-paste, it’s best to use high-quality HTTP APIs to send Business SMS faster and, above all, more reliably. Via SMS gateway, various interfaces can be integrated, be it SMS2Email, Email2SMS or international routes, with which you can reach recipients all over the world.

High data security

Encryption, IP blocking, blacklists and more help to secure your SMS campaign. In addition, you can use number validation as well as virtual or physical phone numbers.


Create contacts & groups as you like. Standing orders, alternative transmission times and a return channel for answers can be easily implemented.


High-performance APIs deliver lightning-fast throughput rates. SMS2Email, Email2SMS, from your own website, via app, external software, etc. – everything is possible.

Seamless integration

From import / export of your data up to statistical evaluations as well as use of all features of the gateway, you can optimally bundle and organize all information.


Thanks to direct or adaptive routing with high fail-safety, reliable delivery reports, journal and server status, you always know if and when your SMS will arrive.


If you’ve got any questions about the SMS products, you will not only get insightful documentation, but also real people who work with you to realize solutions.

Serial SMS: The business guide

You have collected a lot of contact data and now you want to start your own SMS series? No problem. From many popular programs, such as Outlook, contact data can be saved as CSV: a tabular overview with all information on names, addresses, mobile phone numbers, etc…

Step 1 – Login:

Log in to your seven account. If you do not have one, you can register for free at any time.

Step 2- Data import:

Import your contact data stored as CSV. If desired, you can also create these as a new group.

Example: Uploading contact data via CSV

Step 3 – Configure SMS:

In the Webapp you can easily start your SMS campaign via the menu item “Messaging”. Select individual contacts or the complete group as recipient. For the content of your message you have various design options at your disposal.

  • For example, you can create your own template , save them, call them up again and insert them. Such standard texts are particularly useful for introductions that you frequently use, for signatures or contact data, but also for completely prepared formulations (e.g. collection notices, verifications, confirmations, etc.)
  • Use placeholders to easily personalize your mass SMS, for example with personalizable salutations (first name, last name) or the date of birth for congratulations – the system automatically takes the information from your stored contact data and enters it in the corresponding SMS for the right recipient.
  • Additionally you have the possibility to add Emojis to give your SMS more expressiveness, be it through smileys, animals, plants or other symbols. This allows you to communicate visually and emphasize the content. Many messages can be loosened up in a modern way and project certain emotions onto the recipient.
Neue SMS schreiben

On request or if required, you can use further options, such as setting a specific time to send an SMS (to the minute), which is often important for international SMS dispatch.

Other options for bulk SMS

Parallel to the Webapp you have further HTTP API connections available as well as various interfaces with which you can trigger your SMS campaign from external programs, from your own website or simply from on the go with just one SMS. All options for this are stored in your account under Developer and can be adjusted at any time.

  • via Email2SMS: Enter the group name in the recipient line (e.g. and in the subject line the corresponding parameters for the sender and key. A detailed instruction can be found in our email to SMS documentation
  • via seven-cli Tool: This allows you to trigger special serial SMS via your consoles / terminals without having to integrate an API. Instead, the gateway is addressed directly via the HTTP API and the tool can be executed from the command line. The download of seven-cli is available free of charge for all of our customers.
  • via Zapier: Additionally, the seven app is available for Zapier and can be linked to other applications as required. This way you have the possibility to define several apps as triggers, which then activate your SMS campaign.
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