How to use our SMS gateway as a Vodafone ProfiAlarm alternative

Reliable SMS alerting for emergency services through SMS gateway

You are using the Vodafone ProfiAlarm and have been notified that the service will be discontinued? Your alternative must meet the same or similar requirements: Sending alerts must be possible without your own infrastructure, be easy to connect and reach all cell phones without additional effort. Read below which of our products and features are important for you if you are looking for a Vodafone ProfiAlarm alternative.

Create different groups

The ability to create groups is probably the most important feature that a Vodafone ProfiAlarm alternative must have. After all, you need to reach a very specific group of people in the shortest time possible, but tomorrow you might need to reach a completely different one.

Of course, you can also create different groups in our webapp to quickly reach the right group of people when needed. Of course, a single contact can also belong to multiple groups. We recommend that you keep the group names as clear and simple as possible so that you can easily tell them apart. Also, very short group names (without spaces) are a good idea if you want to send your SMS via a different channel than directly from our webapp.

Create templates

If you use our webapp, you can easily create templates so that you do not have to write a new text in case of an alert. Here, too, you should choose the name of the template carefully so that you recognize your desired template at first glance.

When sending alarm SMS via other accesses, you must set up and save your templates yourself in each case, for example in your mail program, in your cell phone or in your software that triggers the dispatch.

Use our gateway as a Vodafone ProfiAlarm alternative

Templates in the webapp, click to enlarge

Delivery confirmations

Of course, in the event of an alert, it is of great interest to you whether your message has been delivered. After all, it can always happen that receiving devices are switched off or no SMS can be received for other reasons. In your logbook you can view the status of your SMS at any time. So you always know which devices have received your SMS. A query of the status reports is also possible via webhook.

Receive replies to your SMS

You want your recipients to be able to reply to your alarm SMS, for example to confirm that they are ready to go? With your own inbound number, you receive incoming replies quickly and reliably and can also forward them as you wish – be it via email, SMS or webhook. So you are completely free to decide how to handle the responses from your recipients.

Call function: Send text-to-speech messages

You do not want to reach certain phone numbers via SMS, but want to trigger a call to them? With our text-to-speech gateway you can easily send your desired text as a call to any number. You can also send voice or text-to-speech messages as bulk messages to many recipients at the same time.

Easy to use web interface

Our intuitive webbapp offers you far more options than just sending SMS messages, while keeping a clear layout. You can make various settings here, from forwarding incoming messages to webhooks and performance tracking.

If you struggle to understand a function right away, you can find information on many different topics in our helpdesk. Of course you can also contact us directly.

Overview of activities in the dashboard, click to enlarge

Programming interface for integration in control stations

You want to address our gateway from the software in your control center? Our scalable API is documented well and can be integrated effortlessly. In addition, various accesses are available to you, which you can also use in combination.

If required, you can also use our high-performance SMPP access. This allows you to send a large number of SMS messages at once very quickly. It is usually used for an SMS volume of approx. 50,000 SMS per day. If you are interested in SMPP access, please send us a message.

Many of our customers already use SMS for alerting, including the Freienohl Volunteer Fire Department and the Malteser Hilfsdienst in Koblenz. You can read details in our case studies.

Read our case studies to learn how other emergency services are using our service.

Additional functions

As you can see, our gateway can easily be used as a Vodafone ProfiAlarm alternative. But beyond that, we offer several other features that you can use as well, of course. With our HLR lookup you can validate the numbers of your contacts before you start sending SMS. This way you can make sure that there are no invalid numbers in your contacts that cause unnecessary costs.

Placeholders allow you to include specific information about your contacts in your SMS without having to write out each SMS individually. You can create custom fields as you wish or use the predefined placeholders.

Our service is also already integrated with numerous third-party programs. In particular, the connection via automation services such as IFTTT and Zapier opens up virtually unlimited possibilities in the use and automation of our SMS dispatch. Those who prefer to program themselves will find help not only in our documentation, but also in our developer resources.

More than just a Vodafone ProfiAlarm alternative

If you are looking for a Vodafone ProfiAlarm alternative, we would like to warmly recommend the use of our gateway. Our easy-to-use web interface and flexible access to our API will make the transition as simple as possible for you and the numerous features will convince you. You may even want to use our service for more than just alerts. SMS are great for personal messages to teams, volunteers and supporters.

If you have any further questions about our gateway as a Vodafone ProfiAlarm alternative, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the best
Your sms77 team


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