SMS in sports clubs – improving communication

Simple and effective: SMS in sports clubs

In sports clubs, many different people come together to pursue a common goal and share a passion. For those in charge, this means they are engaged in a very fulfilling job, but communication is often cumbersome. SMS are an underrated communication medium here, because not only do they reach large crowds with little effort, they are also very personal messages.

Let’s take a look together at how SMS in sports clubs can be used wisely to trigger a whole range of positive effects.

Why should SMS be used in sports clubs in particular?

There are many good reasons to decide to use SMS in sports clubs:

  1. It’s easy – send SMS from our web interface or integrate sending into your software.
  2. Your members are able to receive SMS already – no matter how old they are or what apps they like to use.
  3. SMS are read very quickly – up to 90% of SMS are read within the first five minutes of receipt.
  4. Even with bulk SMS, messages remain personal – through the medium itself and through the use of placeholders.
  5. A flexible provider adapts to your needs – pay only what you use and benefit from additional features.

SMS support you with organizing

SMS reach their destination quickly and efficiently. That’s why they are ideal for organizational purposes. On the one hand, you can discuss details with those responsible, and on the other hand, you can send particularly effective reminders via SMS.

Sending SMS in sports clubs thus ensure that your communication improves – thanks to faster communication and because recipients react to the short messages with special attention.

  • Invitations to general meetings

    Invite members to the general meeting and send automated reminders of the date. With pre-scheduled SMS, the effort is minimal.

  • Planning events

    Plan events and remind attendees when the date is approaching. The response rate to SMS is much higher than other messages like emails, which makes planning much easier. At the same time, you’ll find all messages in one place and not spread across different devices.

  • Dates for tournaments and training

    Send out training and tournament schedules to keep your members up to date. As the smartphone has become a constant companion, your members can check when the next tournament is coming up wherever they are.

Good to know

Subaccounts are ideal for separating communication in different departments of your club. Individual trainers can also use their own subaccounts.

Membership: sending confirmations and reminders

This probably sounds familiar to you: Membership fees are due, but there are always a few members who need extra reminders. With SMS, you can reach these members in a very personal way, which makes it more likely that the payment is done more quickly. You can make your SMS even more personal with the use of placeholders.

However, you can also use SMS for talking to new members. Confirming that payment has been received makes new members feel good. Likewise, they will appreciate a personalized welcome message. Welcome your new member and tell them the most important information. With our attachment feature, you can also have them access to important plans or similar documents.

You want to give your members the possibility to reply to your messages directly? Then you should consider getting your own inbound number!

In this case, the use of SMS in sports clubs ensures a particularly personal contact with your members. Not only does this mean that members are more likely to participate in the action, it can also improve payment morale.

Communicate spontaneous changes

Because text messages are read particularly quickly, they are also suitable for communicating changes at short notice.

Does training have to be cancelled or postponed due to illness? Will it perhaps take place at a different location because the weather has changed? Or maybe there is a case of COVID in a particular training group and you need to reach the rest of the participants quickly?

In all of these cases, you can use SMS to reach everyone on short notice. Most SMS messages are read within the first five minutes of receipt.

So by using SMS, you can communicate even short-term concerns effectively and easily. This saves time and nerves and your members are always up to date.

SMS in sports clubs perform great when the messages need to be read quickly

Keep in touch

One of the biggest advantages of SMS is its personal touch. We receive them where we are in contact with friends and family. Surely some of us also remember the days when we actually kept in touch with the most important people in our lives via SMS. Put that personal touch to work for you to talk to members, honorary members, fans and sponsors.

Need ideas? Offer an SMS newsletter as a special fan service, send honorary members birthday wishes, remind them of milestones in the club’s history or simply say thank you. Sponsors also appreciate updates and invitations. At the end of the year, your members will surely be happy to receive a summary of the most important events.

There are many ways to send information to interested parties via SMS and the personal touch plays into your cards. The effort is low, the effect is great.

SMS in sports clubs – getting things done

SMS in sports clubs improve communication, not only because they are read particularly quickly, but also because they are perceived as very personal messages. It is easy to set up the sending of SMS in sports clubs and also to personalize mass SMS so that your members always feel personally addressed. The effort is low and the potential benefit is huge.

You decide in which way the short message can bring you the most benefit – with a flexible SMS gateway you can simply try out different application areas. If you want to do more than just send SMS, you can use many additional features and receive SMS as well.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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Header picture by Lars Bo Nielsen via Unsplash

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