SMS Templates for Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are absolutely worth their weight in gold in many areas. In medical offices in particular, they simplify processes and ensure more effective appointment booking. But all other industries benefit from the short reminder as well.

Appointment reminders via SMS are a simple and effective way to reach customers quickly and easily and significantly reduce no-shows.
This saves time, money and nerves – and your customers know that you are taking the best possible care of them. 

Are you at a loss for words? You don’t know how to start? No problem!

Here are some SMS templates for appointment reminders. You can copy them, modify them or simply see them as a suggestion.

What you should keep in mind

Be sure to keep these points in mind when using our SMS templates for appointment reminders for yourself:

  • Placeholders: personalized SMS are important and working with placeholders can save you a lot of extra work. Test your SMS beforehand to see if your placeholders are set up correctly. Not all placeholders you find in these examples are created by default in our system! That means you may have to create custom placeholders.
    IMPORTANT: Depending on the inserted name, the number of characters of the respective SMS will change!
  • Character count: Our examples are not limited to 160 characters. If you want to use emojis, you also have less characters available, because the encoding of the SMS changes. You can find detailed information here: How we determine SMS pricing
  • Legal: Depending on the country you’re sending SMS to, additional info in your SMS may be legally mandatory. Make sure to educate yourself about the rules in the respective recipient country beforehand.
  • Reply option: Please note that your recipients cannot reply to your SMS if you use an alphanumeric sender. If there is a sender name in our examples with reply option, we assume that the recipients have saved the number under this name.

SMS Templates for Appointment Reminders – Doctor’s Offices

When patients don’t show up it’s frustrating for the entire staff. Not only that, but it can also be very annoying for patients to miss an appointment that they may not have made a note of, or may have made an incorrect note of. With appointment reminders, you streamline your practice’s operations and provide your patients with an additional service they’ll appreciate. Choose from our SMS templates for appointment reminders or change them up according to your needs.

With reply option

Hello {name} {surname}, we would like to remind you about your checkup appointment.
When. Wednesday, 12.3. at 10 AM.
Where. Office at the bird park.
We look forward to seeing you.
Your team at Fiedler

Copy Our Appointment Reminder SMS Templates

Hello {name}, we look forward to your appointment on 3/2 at 10AM.
Reply to this message or give us a call.
Your practice team Fiedler

Appointment reminders reduce the no-show rate

Reminder: appointment for {first name} {last name} on {date} at {time}.
Reschedule? Reply to this message or call us.

Your team at Fiedler

SMS Templates for Appointment Reminders

Without reply option

Your reminder: checkup appointment on 12/3 at 10am.
In case of cancellations, please call 555-12345.

Your team at Fiedler

SMS Templates for Appointment Reminders

Med team Fiedler – Appointment reminder {Name} {Surname}: 7/8 at 10:30 AM. Cancellations at 555-12345.

Patients usually appreciate appointment reminders

SMS Templates for Appointment Reminders – Personal Training

Especially for self-employed trainers, missed appointments always mean losses. An SMS with a reminder prevents clients from simply not showing up. This way you have the possibility to assign cancelled appointments to other clients at short notice or you can use the time effectively for other tasks.

Hello {Name}, are you ready for our training tomorrow?
We’ll meet at 10 at the city park by the kiosk – bring your water bottle!
See you tomorrow,

Freelancers an self employed people benefit enormously from a low no-show rate

Hi {first name}, I’m looking forward to our first practice tomorrow at 10.
Do you have any questions before we get started?

Use our SMS templates for appointment reminders to optimize your messaging

SMS Templates for Appointment Reminders – Hairdressers and Beauty Salons

All the appointments are booked three weeks in advance and then a client just doesn’t show up. It can be hard to find someone else to take the appointment on such short notice. Sound familiar? A reminder text message before the appointment ensures fewer cancelled appointments and the ability to reschedule cancelled appointments in a timely manner.

Hi {Name}, you have an appointment with us for tomorrow at 10!
We are already looking forward to seeing you 🙂
Need to cancel? Change your appointment here: {link}
Your HairLab-Team

Hairdressers profit from appointment reminders

Hey {Name}, we’re looking forward to your style consulting appointment!
When. {Date} {Time}
Where. {Location}
See you soon,
Lisa @ HairLab

Make sure your customers do not forget when they have an appointment

SMS templates for appointment reminders – investment advice, insurance, finance

When it comes to finance, trust is key. Great communication with your clients is essential. An appointment reminder SMS is not only useful because you can manage your appointments more efficiently – the reminder also shows that you care about your customers and that they can rely on you. Our SMS templates for appointment reminders will give you an idea where to start.

Hello Ms. {Surname}, as discussed, I would like to remind you of our investment counseling appointment on Wednesday at 10 AM

Let your customers know when their next appointment takes place

Hello Mr. {last name},
I still need a copy of your 2021 tax return for our appointment on Wednesday at 10 AM. You can just bring it to the appointment.
Andrew Jones

Finance need trust – Appointment reminders help with that

If you are still looking for ways to automate your SMS sending, we recommend the connection via IFTTT or Zapier. However, we also provide many other integration options.

We’re curious: What results have you had with appointment reminders via SMS? Did a particular template or variant work especially well or did you make a change that you found useful? We’d love for you to share your experiences with us!

Also, feel free to let us know for which industry or use case you could use more SMS templates.

All the best
Your sms77 team

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