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Especially in times of strong price competition, it is particularly important to invest in increasing customer loyalty. Customers who trust a business are more likely to buy, more likely to buy more than once, and more likely to recommend the business to others. SMS messages help companies significantly here, because they are personal, are read quickly and encourage customers to respond.

If you too would like to set your eCommerce business apart from the competition, but don’t know how to get started, we’ve collected some suggestions for you here. Whether you want to get started with SMS in marketing, transactional SMS or want to incorporate SMS into your customer support: Here you can find our SMS templates for eCommerce.

What you should bear in mind

Transactional SMS vs. promotional SMS: We recommend all our users who want to send SMS to their customers to thoroughly educate themselves about the applicable laws in advance. Especially when it comes to eCommerce, you should find out exactly which rules apply to you. In particular, a distinction is made between transaction SMS and marketing SMS, which are subject to different rules in some cases. In our overview of transactional and promotional SMS, you will find more information on the subject.

The personal touch: Especially when it comes to promotional SMS, it is important that you personalize your SMS. This can be done particularly easily by using placeholders. Personalized transactional SMS also deliberately set you apart from the competition and create closeness with your customers.

Reply option: If you want to give your customers the option of replying to your SMS, you should get your own inbound number, which you can specify as the sender name. If you choose an alphanumeric sender name, for example your company name, your recipients will not be able to reply to the message.

About our examples: Not all of our examples are limited to 160 characters. Also note that emojis change the encoding of an SMS, which means that there are fewer characters available per SMS. If you want to test how long your desired SMS is, feel free to use our SMS counter.
Also, test your SMS before sending it to your target audience to make sure your placeholders are set correctly.

Other rules may also apply for recipient countries other than Germany. You can find an initial overview in our blogpost on international regulations.

SMS Templates for eCommerce: Marketing

There is a real opportunity in marketing, because compared to other countries, only a few companies in Germany use SMS to communicate with their customers. The advantages are obvious: SMS are very personal and are read quickly – a perfect combination for short-term offers and exclusive sales promotions.

If you want to send marketing SMS, you will benefit especially from personalized messages. It’s also a good idea to send exclusive offers so that your recipients really benefit from trusting you with their number.

Please remember to customize the SMS templates for eCommerce to your business. Depending on how you create your data, you will also need to customize the placeholders.


Hello {Firstname}, as a VIP member you can have a look at our new collection before everyone else and choose your new favourite. We will start at 4pm: {Link}
Hope to see you then,
your Acme team


Hey {Firstname}, thank you for your order. As a special offer, today you get a sample pack of our cappuccinos for only 1€ each. Do you want to take this offer? Answer with yes or no. All the best, your Acme team.


Hi {Firstname}, it’s been a while since we last saw you around 🙂 Are you still happy with your {order}? If you’re interested in our new collection, you can find it here: {link} Have a favourite? Use {code} at checkout for 10% off. Just for you!
Best, your Acme team

SMS Templates for eCommerce: Transactions

Transparency, trust, customer loyalty. SMS related to a transaction create all that and are still very personal. Your customers will not only feel well informed, but also valued. If you want to allow your customers to ask follow-up questions, be sure to include a numeric sender name.

Thank you for your order

Hello {Fristname}, we are glad you decided to buy {order} We will pack your order as soon as possible and your package will be on its way to you within the next 48 hours. You will receive a tracking code from us.
Until then, your Acme team 

Shipping confirmation

Hello {Firstname}, good news: Your order is on its way to you.
Track your order here: {trackinglink}
Best, your Acme team


Hello {Firstname}, we have received your return and have initiated the refund. Your money will be credited within the next 48 hours. May we ask why you returned the item?
All the best, {employeename} from Acme 

SMS Templates for eCommerce: Customer service

SMS are read quickly and are perceived as very personal. This makes them particularly suitable for communicating with customers or prospects at short notice. Especially in younger generations, asynchronous communication is often the way to go and SMS are an easy and GDPR-compliant way to implement it.


Hello {Fristname}, thank you for your request. A support representative will get back to you at this number in the next 24 hours.
Thank you for your patience, your Acme Team

Would you like to see templates for a specific industry or for a different use case?

We welcome your feedback. Just leave a comment or contact our team directly.

All the best
Your sms77 team

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