Our rebranding: sms77 is now seven communications

A fresh breeze and new features – we’re starting our rebranding

Yes, you read correctly: we are now called seven! We have been preparing it for some time, and now the time has come. We have become seven communications GmbH & Co. KG. For us, this means not only a change of name, but also a change in our view of the future. In time, we will position ourselves even more broadly so that you can communicate even more extensively with your target group.

What is important for you now:

  • There are NO changes to the functionality of our existing products for the time being. You can continue to use all products. New features will be added gradually.
  • Your login details will remain the same.
  • Your account settings will remain the same.
  • You can continue to use your existing API keys and numbers.
  • Existing webhooks and API requests do not need to be changed – they are still valid.

What else is changing:

  • Our domain: Instead of sms77.io, we’re using seven.io.
  • Our business form: We are seven communications GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Our creditor ID in the direct debit system will change and is now: DE12ZZ00002570447.
  • You will find changing registration numbers and our new VAT ID in our imprint.
  • Our logo and associated icons.
  • Our colours will be adapted slightly.

When we changed our name to seven communications GmbH Co KG, we consistently set sail in the direction of cloud-based customer experience solutions. After almost 20 years in business, we have long since come of age. With the new brand seven, we are positioning ourselves more internationally.

The brand name seven stands for simplified communication and reliable service.

“In a way, the old name sms77 has become too small for us. We offer our customers more comprehensive functions in one place that are easy to use while remaining clear. At the same time, our customers continue to benefit from the demands we have previously placed on our products and services: they must be of high quality, easy to use as well as GDPR-compliant,” is how our CEO, Christian Leo, describes our new direction.

A versatile product range has developed from the simple SMS dispatch

With a powerful API and comprehensive products such as voice and SMS, we have been supporting our customers’ communication for years.

Originally, sms77 had a single purpose: to enable private individuals to send SMS cheaply.

The new name seven finally removes the SMS focus. Important criteria in finding the name were, among other things, that we wanted the new name to be short, international and unmistakable.

Over the years, our service has developed organically. In the meantime, our offer is aimed at companies, organisations, associations and self-employed people who want to offer their customers and their own team simplified communication channels in the DACH region and beyond.

Focus more on CCaaS application in the future

In 2023, we will expand our service even further and focus to grow into a cloud-based customer experience solution “Contact Centre as a Service” (CCaaS). As operational needs change, CCaaS is the ideal solution. Customers can use the provided CCaaS features flexibly and save costs along the way.

Christian says the following about our project: “The first functions we want to implement are an automated opt-in and opt-out function for SMS marketing and the possibility to create and confirm OTPs (One-Time-Passwords) directly through us. This will be followed by a kind of integration interface in which customers can ‘click together’ their desired connections directly, without having to connect via platforms such as Zapier or IFTTT. We want to offer our customers not only the sending of messages, but also the possibility of comprehensive and simplified communication in one central place. To this end, we are evolving with CCaaS, even beyond the 160 characters of SMS.”

Christian Leo spricht im Interview über SMS-Gateways in der Coronakrise

Christian Leo, CEO of seven

Do you have any questions about our rebranding? Please do not hesitate to send us a message.

All the best
Your sms77 team

Header picture by alvarez via iStock

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