CSharp (actually C♯) is a modern programming language that has first been released in 2001. It is standardized, type-safe, and object-oriented. It was developed on behalf of Microsoft and was also initially used almost exclusively for Windows.

Today, C# is also used for other operating systems. Nevertheless, it is more often found in applications that are only intended to run on Windows. Especially desktop applications are often programmed in C#.

Use our CSharp (C#) client to integrate our services in a breeze

The seven client for C#

Whatever it is that you want to build with C#, you can easily integrate our services by using our client. Our CSharp API client is also well suited for extending already existing code bases. Once you have integrated the client, you will be able to use all of our services. Bring your project to life with a strong partner for your mobile communication.

The possible applications are as diverse as out products are. Send bulk SMS messages and receive replies. Use Flash SMS for short, concise notifications or send voice messages that the recipients receive as a call and that are read aloud on the phone. You can also use our SMS analysis features. There are no limits to your imagination!

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