Go is a compilable and object-oriented programming language. It is also concurrent, structured, imperative, and modular. It was first released as free software in 2009. Interestingly, the language originated in one of Google’s infamous former 20% projects , started by a couple of employees in 2007. 

Its supporters appreciate its flexibility and efficiency. You can expect a stripped-down but powerful and reliable programming language. Moreover, thanks to the active community, you can access very extensive knowledge collections in different media.

Your project needs an SMS gateway provider? Use our Go client for easy integration

The Go Client for seven.io

Are you looking for a powerful SMS gateway provider to integrate into your next Go project? Your search has come to an end! With our client, you can easily add our services to your project. If you decide to use the client, you can use all our products as usual, without additional costs. You’ll be able to simply set up an account and start sending.

Therefore, you have numerous application possibilities at your disposal: Use personalized bulk SMS to send individual and effective marketing messages. Send Flash SMS for alerts or send voice messages that are read out to your customers. Additionally, you’ll always have an overview if you make use of our analytics tools. Try it for yourself and benefit from a strong messaging partner.

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