JavaScript (short: JS), originally called LiveScript, is a programming language and was first released in 1996. It is weak, dynamic, and can be programmed to be object-oriented, procedural, or functional. The language is mainly used to display dynamic, interactive elements on websites and is one of the most widely used languages in this field. The company Netscape Communications had developed the script language in order to be able to use it in their browser, the Netscape Navigator. Only two years later, Netscape founded the Mozilla project, which belongs to the well-known Mozilla Foundation.

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Are you looking for a strong communication partner to add to your next JS project? With our JavaScript client you can easily integrate our services and make them fit your needs.

If you decide to do so, our products and features are available to you without any restrictions. You can terminate your account whenever you’d like, and there is no minimum turnover. You can also try our SMS dispatch with a small complimentary test credit. If you want to be able to receive SMS as well, you can book your very own phone number.

Please note: This library relies on the global fetch API. To use this library with Node.js, node-fetch is required. For compatibility with Node.js versions < 12, please also install the globalThis polyfill.

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